Dining Room Chairs … get a makeover

DIY Chair makeover - Craigslist is a great place to find furniture to makeover and give new life to

Another DIY furniture makeover. I bought these country style chairs and the dining room table for $30 off of Craigslist {of course!} with a plan.  We didn't have enough furniture to fill our home as we moved from a smaller house to one that is double the size. I thought they were kind of ugly, but there was certainly potential there.  So, I took off the cushion, painted the chair, recovered the cushion, and put it all back together again.  It contrasts nicely with the DIY hutch makeover that I did with a black base with blue as the main color. The chairs {and the table, whenever it gets done} are painted black with a blue base. What do you think? First stage I just made a quick pass … [Read more...]

DIY Hutch Makeover – Craigslist $25 find

Thrifted Hutch Makeover - This is an awesome cabinet makeover

Our 'formal dining room' needed some furniture to fill it, so I found this gem on Craigslist for $25!!!!!!!! DIY Hutch Makeover Commence! A personal goal I set for myself, well, for our home is to furnish the rest of it with Craigslist items or Goodwill purchases. We moved from a smaller home to a home over double its size, so we have had a few rooms to fill. You read right, TWENTY FIVE BIG ONES!!! It even has a light in it ... THAT WORKS!!!!! I love how it turned out.  Just waiting to find just the right hardware to finish the look ... What do you think? These 2 photos below is before it saw some Taradara action! HOW DID I DO IT? I removed the hardware and sanded the … [Read more...]

Goodwill Finds for the Home

Goodwill finds for the home

Although, I don't usually buy bedding at Goodwill, I couldn't resist this purchase. {that, and I drove straight to the dry cleaners to have it dry cleaned} I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color combination and the quilting detail on this bedspread. It works perfectly in our home.  With our walls, our carpet, our decor. I just fell in love with it instantly and thought I'll never find this quality of a quilt with these colors for a better price. Well, then again, no where, can beat Goodwill's prices, really! This is the sham. So, I'm going to tell you how much I paid because I know you want to know... The quilt was... wait for it.... $4.50 and the shams were.... $1.99 {for both} I bought … [Read more...]

How do you decorate your home for the holidays

How do decorate your home for the holidays

I LOVE decorating for the holidays! I love using the ornaments and decorations that my boys have made in the past and current year.  We also make a Christmas Craft at home as well that we bring out every year, too.  Who knows what it'll be this year, guess I better get a move on, hey! We're starting to really enjoy decorating the tree TOGETHER!  For those of you who have small children, I know you what I mean.  The boys are now 7 and 9, so they are a bit more responsible and 'careful' of the ornaments {mostly}.  Every year seems to get easier and easier to trim the tree and not have a heart attack! There are some very sentimental ornaments that I treasure like this one of M eating mud … [Read more...]

What is Wind Power?

What is wind power

We live in beautiful Colorado and have been watching a growing number of wind turbines being installed along I-25. The boys love watching them grow larger and larger as we approach them driving down the highway. These wind turbines are humungous!!! Then the question comes, "Mom, what are they windmills for and why are they here?" Me, being the non-scientific person that I am, answers with a very vague answer ... you know, just enough for them to think for a second and carry on fighting with eachother. The next time we drive past them and they ask, because you know they will, I am going to shock them with a pretty solid answer! And I will shock myself with an answer more than, "They are … [Read more...]

Denver Carmax, great choice for quality used vehicles

Ready to trade in your vehicle or buy a quality used vehicle? Carmax Denver has incentives

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CarMax for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I've been pushing for my husband to buy a new {to him} truck because his is getting to that point where it's going to start breaking down {watch, something will really happen tomorrow cause I jinxed it!} DOH!!!  And it'll cost a ton of money to repair, like anything over $300 to repair this truck would be an investment that I'd rather put towards a newer truck for him. Having something like happen would be a good thing for Denver Carmax as we have already had a great experience with them in the past. Here's his truck covered in a fresh Denver blanket of snow.  It is in pretty good shape … [Read more...]

Hockey Power Skating Drill with Jon MacWilliams

Jon MacWilliams has over 33 years in hockey development and experience. Jon is the Head On Ice Instructor for Dave Bolland Sports, with former Chicago Blackhawk, Dave Bolland.  He has played professionally in Europe, coached AAA and Junior A Hockey and had trained NHL/WHL/Junior Players including Dave Bolland, Sidney Crosby and Nathan McKinnon. Not only is he all of the above, he is a fellow Canadian as well!  Very excited to have him be a part of my son's hockey experience! … [Read more...]