34 Discount Codes to Kid’s Activities in Denver

34 discount codes to kids activities in Denver

I have an impressive list of amazing coupon codes for KIDS ACTIVITIES in Denver, Colorado! There are so many kids activities throughout Colorado, there are coupon codes here for them as well!We try to do as much with the boys as possible during the summer but it gets so EXPENSIVE!!!  So when this came across my email, I had to share it with you too!!! Copper Mountain Resort Association Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park Water World Pirates Cove The Splash at Fossil Trace Boondocks Fun Center Dinosaur Resource Center Children's Museum of Denver Butterfly Pavilion Downtown Aquarium Evolve Action Sports Park A+ Athletics Adventure Golf and Raceway RaftColorado.net Earth … [Read more...]

Cirque Du Soleil in Denver

Cirque Du Soleil's Kurios

If you've never been to a Cirque du Soleil show, you NEED to go to Kurios in Denver! If you've been to a Cirque du Soleil show, you NEED to go to Kurios in Denver!!! Your jaw will be open the whole time you're there watching the amazing acrobats, contortionists, and juggler!!  Just when you think that you have seen your favorite act, another comes out and tops it!  My 7 year old boy who is always my gage for intensity/interest was in awe the whole show.  He is easily distracted like most kids, but this was a show that continuously held his attention.  This show convinced him that this is what he is to do when he gets older!  LOL!We went to the rehearsal the day prior to the show and … [Read more...]

What is my Pound Puppy’s Breed?

what's my dog's breed

Just recently posted about getting my St Bernard's DNA tested. He clearly looks like a St. Bernard, but who knows what else he could be? It wasn't a concern to me as it wouldn't change anything about anything.  All it would change is possibly if there was any possible health issues that could ensue that is breed related.  We wouldn't know if we didn't do his testing and things could come up and us not know why or what to do about it. At any rate, Beethoven is a PURE BRED SAINT BERNARD! Are you surprised? If you're interested in having your dog's DNA tested, please go to my previous post "What's my dog's DNA." … [Read more...]

What’s my Dog’s DNA?

What is my dog's DNA?

We recently rescued a beautiful St Bernard dog, Beethoven, from our local Humane Society. He looks like a St Bernard.  He eats like a St Bernard.  He acts like a St Bernard.  He must be a St Bernard. Well, I was approached by Wisdom Panel to have Beethoven's DNA tested. They provided me with the kit of which I have since sent in and am anxiously awaiting to know what it showed.  It takes a couple of weeks upon their receipt of the sample to get the results  (I will update you when I receive the report) The kit consisted of 2 little brushes to obtain my dog's DNA from the inside of his cheek.  All the information of what I needed to do was right there on the box and so easy to … [Read more...]

A Kid’s DIY Jet Creation

No Cost Kid's DIY Magnet Creation

Quickly wanted to share this crazy cool DIY jet creation with you. My son was helping me with a couple wooden signs I made recently.  He was screwing in the screws and stripping them making metal shavings.  So he got one of our magnets to clean up the metal shavings (smart kid, hey!) Well, I was painting, so he was a bit bored so he made this amazingly creative jet out of the screws we were using and the magnet. I'm just so impressed that it completely came from his imagination and nothing else.  Not even sure where he got the inspiration from as there isn't any jet models or pictures in our garage.  It is even more impressive that it came from a 7 year old's mind, just his mind. In … [Read more...]

Hex Performance Product Review

Hex Performance Product Review by a mom of hockey players

I had the pleasure of trying out the Hex Performance products to wash my boys' (and my husband's) stinky sweaty hockey gear. There’s a smell that can build up in gear and athletic apparel that doesn’t come out, no matter how many times it’s cleaned. The car, house, and environment become a smelly locker room and forces a quarantine of gear in cold garages (or anywhere to be free of that smell!). HEX scientists have created a new formula designed specifically for performance gear and apparel that truly cleans and removes unwanted odors and bacteria from performance gear and apparel. Hex Performance has a 2 part system to clean and to keep the active gear odor free for up to 30 days. I … [Read more...]

Athletic Gear – Get it clean and fresh!

Hex Performance Products perfect for active peop

I have stinky boys who play hockey and baseball, and as you can just imagine, their under clothes and gear can get very raunchy ... Awesome. I was recently introduced to HEX Performance products... (click this link to see my complete Hex product review) Below is why I'm sharing this with you ... What are HEX Performance products? HEX Performance has developed the first and only system designed specifically to clean and protect today’s performance gear and apparel. We’re proud to announce our Ultra+Dual Action Gear Wash, Power+ Laundry Detergent, and On Demand+ Spray and Go. Where can I find HEX? This weekend, on Saturday 5/16 from 11 AM – 4 PM, HEX products will be demo-ed in ALL … [Read more...]