What is Wind Power?

What is wind power

We live in beautiful Colorado and have been watching a growing number of wind turbines being installed along I-25. The boys love watching them grow larger and larger as we approach them driving down the highway. These wind turbines are humungous!!! Then the question comes, "Mom, what are they windmills for and why are they here?" Me, being the non-scientific person that I am, answers with a very vague answer ... you know, just enough for them to think for a second and carry on fighting with eachother. The next time we drive past them and they ask, because you know they will, I am going to shock them with a pretty solid answer! And I will shock myself with an answer more than, "They are … [Read more...]

Denver Carmax, great choice for quality used vehicles

Ready to trade in your vehicle or buy a quality used vehicle? Carmax Denver has incentives

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CarMax for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. I've been pushing for my husband to buy a new {to him} truck because his is getting to that point where it's going to start breaking down {watch, something will really happen tomorrow cause I jinxed it!} DOH!!!  And it'll cost a ton of money to repair, like anything over $300 to repair this truck would be an investment that I'd rather put towards a newer truck for him. Having something like happen would be a good thing for Denver Carmax as we have already had a great experience with them in the past. Here's his truck covered in a fresh Denver blanket of snow.  It is in pretty good shape … [Read more...]

Hockey Power Skating Drill with Jon MacWilliams

Jon MacWilliams has over 33 years in hockey development and experience. Jon is the Head On Ice Instructor for Dave Bolland Sports, with former Chicago Blackhawk, Dave Bolland.  He has played professionally in Europe, coached AAA and Junior A Hockey and had trained NHL/WHL/Junior Players including Dave Bolland, Sidney Crosby and Nathan McKinnon. Not only is he all of the above, he is a fellow Canadian as well!  Very excited to have him be a part of my son's hockey experience! … [Read more...]

Hyperwear Gift Card Giveaway

Intensify your workouts by using this Hyperwear vest

Hyperwear is spreading cheer and have given me a $50 Gift Card to giveaway to you!!! This is perfect timing as you may be setting your New Years' Resolution to get in the gym more or to lose some extra weight.  Hyperwear vests can help you burn more calories quicker by doing the exact same things you do, but by adding the extra weight. I am a huge supporter of Hyperwear and have been wearing their vest for almost a year now while working out or doing housework.  It sounds silly, sure, but I love the extra weight it provides to make my body work just that much harder. See my Hyperwear vest review by clicking on the highlighted link. Hyperwear has been featured on the Biggest Loser.  They … [Read more...]

Holiday Appetizer Ideas

5 Healthy Holiday Appetizer Ideas

Our neighbors {who are our close friends} get together annually for a 'Holiday Progressive Dinner'.  Have you heard of them? Each household is responsible for a course of the dinner and you move on to the next and the next. This year, I am responsible for Appetizers! Kind of excited about this actually!  I'm not known for being a superb cook or chef like some of my culinary talented friends, but I think I'll be able to turn this one out and knock it out of the park with these following 5 Healthy Appetizers. It's important to me to be able to eat these appetizers and not feel any guilt as there are 4 more courses ahead. I am certainly making my healthy and EASY Tomato and Cucumber … [Read more...]

Yoga Accessories Gift Card Giveaway – Yoga Pants, anyone?

Yoga accessories giveaway

Carrying on with the GIVEAWAYS... Do you like YOGA?  No?  Yes? How about adding to your Mom-i-form?  Yoga pants? Yes. We all NEED new Yoga pants!! Well, if you need to add to your Yoga Pants collection ... I have a $25 GIFT CARD giveaway to I go to the gym specifically to stretch out my sore muscles using a foam roller.  It seriously helps with tight muscles and stiff joints by rolling over it.  I'd see them in the store and never purchase one, it came to the point where I needed one at home. I recently got a foam roller for home. And a Thera-Band which helps with my rotator cuff that gets out of line or to add an extra resistance for my lunges or … [Read more...]

Hockey Stick Display

DIY Hockey Stick Display

This hockey stick display is one of the CHEAPEST and easiest ones you'll ever see. You need 4 screws and 1 hockey puck! That's it!!!! You can use a hand saw to cut the hockey puck in half {or use a different saw} Use the hockey stick to line up where you need to put the half pucks. Make a mark on the wall where you'd like to place the pucks. Pre-drill holes in the puck for the screws but make sure not to go all the way through.  If it goes all the way through, it won't have anything to screw to the wall. Take your predrilled half pucks and drill them in to the wall. It's really that easy!!!  It may take you 30 minutes at the most!!! … [Read more...]

The Nutcracker in Denver

The Nutcracker in Denver

The Nutcracker at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver, CO is certainly a show you should attend during the holidays. Confession:  I am not a girly girl who loves all things pretty and dainty {news flash, LOL!}, but I ... I loved this performance!!  I would go again with a girlfriend for sure!  There were lots of little boys there who were awesome, but I know mine wouldn't sit through.  Well, who knows, maybe they would.  I do think this is a great annual holiday tradition for families and saw a lot of them there.  Maybe I'll try to take my boys next year. I haven't gone to The Nutcracker for years.  The last time I went was in another city, and it was okay, kind of underwhelming. … [Read more...]

DIY ‘Frozen’ Inspired Pillowcase

DIY Frozen inspired pillow

I have given in to the Frozen hoop-la.  My children are boys, but they have watched Frozen {and enjoyed it}. You should see them when I sing the theme song to them.  They run for the hills!! {ahem ... Let it Go, Let it Go ...} Given that I have boys, I have dodged the bullet on all the character meetings at Disney, the Frozen gowns at Halloween, and the dolls, etc etc etc. BUT I am secretly slipping Frozen inspired projects and 'Frozen' Family PJ's right under their sweet little nose without them even blinking an eye. My most recent is a pillow ... they actually LIKE it ... probably because it's blue and grey and shiny. The best part is that it's painted and sewn!  Two of my favorite … [Read more...]

How to Program Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Program your garage door opener

We recently had our garage door replaced and got a new motor installed as well.  We chose the Liftmaster garage door opener as it was a good fit and has the correct horsepower for the weight of the door we had installed. AND, it's QUIET!! The installer explains how to program and sync the garage door opener for your vehicle and on the key pad. We also talk a little about programming the opener that is in your vehicle. I am so glad he explained it and made it easy for me taking out the guess work and me breaking out the instruction manual. Disclaimer: This is not an ad, just sharing what I learned.  This post does have affiliate links. … [Read more...]