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My friend’s First Foot Tattoo – Funny Video

I recently went home to British Columbia to surprise my girlfriend for her 40th birthday.  Not only did I get a great video of when I first walked in the door, I got a funny funny video of her getting her foot tattoo.We got matching tattoos on our feet.  They're so cute, don't you think?  They're little stick ladies each with one end of a string-can phone in her hand.  We live so far apart but we are always just a phone call away... This video is so funny and I've watched it about a gah-gillion times over and over!Funny, yes?! Please pound the like button on youtube if you can or leave a comment ... or share your funny tattoo videos if you have them!  It's always good to laugh!!!! … [Read more...]

Introducing “The Sharing Kid” YouTube Channel

My youngest son has been requesting to have a YouTube channel for some time now.  He has this urge to share things with other kids.  We thought long and hard about a name that would encapsulate everything he wants to do with his channel.  He has made video reviews of Lego, various toys, and simply wants to talk about anything that interests kids. His debut video is him sharing his baby red-eared slider turtles and provides information about how and what is needed to take care of them.His second video so far is Speed Stacking or Cup Stacking.  It is a competitive activity that a lot of schools participate in.  There are world championships and everything!  Him and his brudder are … [Read more...]

PURELL 30 Day Challenge Follow Up

We have been using our PURELL products like they're going out of style!  It has been great.  I established a rule right from the start that all kiddos need to PURELL their hands upon entry from our back door (which is where they primarily come in from as we enter there from school). It has been working like it's always been the way. My family has joined in the PURELL 30 Day Challenge (and you can too by clicking that link back there!), it's not too late to sign up!  Be sure to head on over there and enter!! We have using it at least 3 times a day and the boys love it much more than going to the sink, turning the water on, pumping soap into their hands, rubbing their hands together, … [Read more...]

PURELL 30 Day Challenge

School is back in session in our area so you know what that means ...GERMS!!!  GERMS!!!! GERMS!!!! They are multiplied coming in to homes when kids go back to school, there just isn't any way around it. My family has joined in the PURELL 30 Day Challenge (and you can too by clicking that link back there!) to combat those nasty little germ critters and to hopefully combat our chances of getting sick.  Having an illness free home is a happy home (most times ... hmmm.... I wonder if there's a challenge for a sibling fight free home)  Moving on... Oh so, you can win prizes for you and your family by joining the PURELL 30 Day Challenge!  Even if you don't win the 'grand prize', you … [Read more...]

A day at Water World

Water World, a waterpark in the Denver area, is amazing fun for the WHOLE family. Seriously, there are big rides for the big kids and adults.  There are a couple of areas perfect for the smaller kiddos in the Calypso Cove and the Big Top areas.  And then of course, there is the family rides that our boys who are now 7 and 9 are enjoying all of them!I have a great Water World coupon to offer you, go to my 34 Discount Coupons to Kid's Activities in Denver post and get your discount code from there! Please visit my 'Top 5 Tips from a Mom' post to get some of the best tips to prepare for your day at Water World.  It's a great resource to read before you go. Funny, we went exactly 3 years … [Read more...]

DIY – Update your Front Door with PAINT

This isn't just any paint!!!  It's Modern Masters Front Door paint that refuses to fade!  Front doors often get hit with substantial sunlight and face all the elements that your home exterior endures.  It is important to use high quality paint on these surfaces because of the beatings it goes through. Our front door was in desperate need of a makeover ... I have been contemplating for over a year on what the color of our home should be.  If you follow me on Instagram, you have watched pictures of different house colors I've posted.  We live in an area which requires approval on house colors by the Home Owners Association (HOA).  It is a huge bummer as they have their approved colors to be … [Read more...]

Bathroom Makeover Ideas

That time you go home and you makeover your mom’s bathroom because you can. We recently made an unexpected trip back home to Canada (my uncle passed away), although a sad reason for travel, I made the most of our time spent there as we don’t get home much these days. I painted my mom’s bathroom about 17 years ago with blue stripes and clouds.It is time for a BATHROOM MAKEOVER! Yes. Yes, I did. And she has loved it ever since. She tells me that she gets compliments on her bathroom all the time (hee hee). Well, I suggested I paint it and update it some. One thing led to another … I re-stained her tired builder’s grade oak cabinets with a beautiful cherry wood stain. I re-caulked her … [Read more...]