Southwest Airline Attendant Speech (Hilarious)

TweetIf you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!When I flew WestJet back home (in Canada), I always looked forward to their safety sch-peal … they.were.funnyyyyyy Still funny, but this Southwest Airline flight attendant is freaking hilarious and I had to share it with all of you! The [Read On]

Pictures of a Beautiful Bald Woman

Beautiful bald woman

TweetConceited?  Self Centered? Ego-centrical? Hardly… just owning that I am a beautiful bald woman … I LOVED my hair, I twirled and played with my hair all day long.  I thought I’d miss it after shaving it off for St Baldricks day to raise money for childhood cancer research.  Truthfully, I don’t miss it … [Read On]

Silhouette Sale!

silhouette sale

TweetWOOT!!!  I love when these come around!!!!  Silhouette sales!  And, if you’ve seen them before, they are always great! Use “TARA” at checkout to get your discount! Running March 20-31st Be sure to get your products between those dates!!! You will see in this video that you can put a WHOLE party together using the [Read On]

I Shaved my Head

She shaved her head to raise money for childhood cancer research. What an inspiration

TweetYes, it’s so very very true!  My shoulder length, thick but fine, soft, dark hair is gone.  I shaved my head to raise money for Children’s Cancer research through the St Baldricks Foundation.   The Fado Pub location raised over $415,000 by 600 participants!  That is crazy! Here is a picture of me and my [Read On]

Whole House Humidifier

Your whole house humidifier has a filter, and you need to change it!

TweetGuess what, there are filters in whole house humidifiers! It sounds crazy, but it’s definitely true. We’ve owned this house for almost 5 years, and I have never changed the filter.  GROSS!!! I change the heater filter regularly, but always would forgo the humidifier one (it’s on the back of the heating unit … ahem, [Read On]

How to Paint your Fireplace

Paint your fireplace, update it in 30 minutes

TweetUpdating your fireplace can seem like a daunting task! But it really isn’t hard at all!  Trust me! You need: Tape High heat spray paint Newspaper or plastic Drop cloth Vinegar Fine sandpaper To Start: You can take your glass doors off if you wish and take it outside OR you can tape the glass [Read On]

Shaving my head

Head shaving is about to happen

TweetYes, you read that right. St Baldricks Day is coming up. What is St Baldricks? Take a look… You can help. Donate … or join our team and shave your head too! This is something that is very exciting for me.  We have a little 6 year old boy at my boys’ school who is [Read On]

Got Wood?

Save money and time!  You don't have to sand and re-stain your cabinets or wood, check out this amazing secret!

TweetDoes your house have wood doors, wood casings, wood cabinets?  Ours does. Put that, animals, and kids that love rolling toys {and toys that don’t roll, just dent} and you’ve got knicks and scratches all day long … Look at this nastiness right here… Would you sand and re-stain this? Probably yessssss …. But you [Read On]

Sleep Problems? Try the Sleep Fairy for your kiddos!

Sleep problems for your kids?  Try the Sleep Fairy!!  She

TweetSome nights are hard for my boys to go to bed. {hold me! and grab me a glass of wine}  Some nights make me want to scream! {tell me I’m not alone} A pediatric occupational therapist gave me this ah-mazing idea.  She actually did it with her kiddos. Meet … THE SLEEP FAIRY! Oh, she’s [Read On]

Silhouette Sale!

Silhouette sale

TweetSilhouette JUST introduced some killer products at CHA and wants to offer you some incredible deals!!!! Going on till Saturday February 1.  Go to and enter ‘TARA’ as your promo code to receive these ah-mazing deals: 1.    A Silhouette CAMEO®, a machine dust cover, and a $25 download card for $269.99. Retail price for all this is [Read On]

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