A St Bernard and a Hedgehog – Unlikely BFFs

st bernards are so gentle

Little did we know when we got a hedgehog that we were going to adopt a dog.  Little did we know we were going to adopt a dog when we got the cutest hedgehog that we were going to adopt a 150lb St. Bernard. Little did we know how well our St Bernard was going to adapt to our home and become so immediately comfortable with our people.  Little did we know that he actually wouldn't want to eat our hedgehog but that he always wants to be next to her or just close to her. There isn't a time that we can remove Mackinnon (our hedgehog) from her home that Beethoven isn't RIGHT there.  He wants to just be close to her.  It really is the cutest unlikely match of the smallest of small and the … [Read more...]

A year of short hair

A woman's year long journey of growing her hair out after shaving it off to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research

Last year, I willingly and excitedly shaved my head bald to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research through a great organization called St Baldrick's.  It's a world wide organization that raises money and those raising money, in turn, shave their head at events all over the world.  They occur on various days at various venues (Irish Pubs are huge sponsors) and they take place in around St. Patricks Day. It is an experience that can change many lives in different ways.  It can change a child's life, a child's family's life, and the shavee's life.  For women shavees, it can perhaps mean something different than men shaving their heads.  For women, hair and their hairstyles often define them … [Read more...]

Doodle with Fabric Markers

Doodle on Jeans with Tulip Fabric Markers

This post is sponsored but the ideas and the opinions are all mine! Fabric markers make creating fashion so easy and fun.  I love the different packs with all of the bright colors from Tulip brand with iLovetoCreate. The possibilities with these fabric markers are kinda, well, endless ... I started out with playing around with a white Tshirt and doodled some cute hearts on it.  I used water and a little paint brush to make the marker ink blend together like a watercolor painting. Then, my girlfriend was celebrating a birthday ... so I played some more and decorated a couple of kitchen towels ... How fun are those lil' houses, eh?! Then I had just gone to Goodwill and bought these … [Read more...]

Saint Bernards

St Bernards are amazing, this one is no exception. Meet Beethoven!!

Our family just grew by one HUGE 150 pound Saint Bernard! Meet Beethoven. He is so sweet and just a gentleman/dog.  So gentle that our oldest boy who is 9 years old can walk him (with me beside him of course).  He minds, he listens, and he is just so sweet with people and other dogs he meets during our walks. Beethoven the Saint Bernard has a little story ... He and his buddy have been known to take 'tours' of the neighbourhood ... aka: bust out of their owner's yard.  There were multiple posts online regarding their where-abouts and who were their owners, etc.  They ended up at the Humane Society where their owners eventually surrendered both Saint Bernards.  The previous owners just … [Read more...]

DIY Custom Pillows with Paint

DIY This is an awesome way to customize your decor. Bring in as much color & style as you want with Paint a Pillow

Okay, this is a killer awesome DIY project! Paint a Pillow sent me this amazing package with a plain white pillow case, fabric paint, a stencil large enough to cover the pillow case, brushes and rollers, along with an instruction sheet.  I couldn't wait to start as I knew it wouldn't take too long to do. Want to see how I made this amazingly beautiful pillow?It took maybe 10 minutes to complete one side with one color.  I may have taken my time as I wanted even coverage over the whole pillow.  I used the foam roller to apply my fabric paint and it worked like a charm!  The stencil I used is the Zemira stencil. Just continue painting until you have a nice even coat. There is a … [Read more...]

Have you used Walmart To Go?

Walmart Grocery To Go is convenient for busy moms

This is a sponsored post for Walmart To Go through Social Chorus. I will come clean and say that I am busy.  Period.  If you follow my instagram feed, you will see that there really is never a slow moment in my life.  It is constantly going.  Constantly. Going. Between working, volunteering in my sons' school, helping them with their homework, blogging, sewing, painting, doing my 21 Day Fix, both sons in hockey, redoing my whole house, getting crickets for my boys' lizards, going to the home improvement store ... you know, the usual 'mom' stuff ... there are times where I get home and I remember that I forgot to go to the grocery store.  Are you with me here? Please tell me I'm not alone, … [Read more...]

Pond Hockey

Pond hockey is a great way to get kids exercise and make great memories at the same time. This is a great resource for directions on how to make a pond hockey net.

If you listen to the NHL players, their fondest memories of growing up playing hockey is playing pond hockey. We have 2 boys who play hockey and LOVE playing on the pond.  The wonderful thing about pond hockey is that there are no rules, no refs, no coaches ... just putting on the skates, grabbing a stick, and throwing a helmet on.  Chasing the puck end to end, side to side, having a few breaks to sip on some hot cocoa, and going back at it. My husband made some pond hockey goal nets and the boys painted them with the colors of their choice. These boys played pond hockey in the most authentic setting ... it was New Years Day, the snow was falling, and they played for over 3 hours … [Read more...]