A little history for ya

I was born and raised in a small town in Canada, my mom and dad recognized very early they were raising an artist. Maybe it was my superior finger paint art in Kindergarten or when I was the envy of my {not so} fashion conscience friends when I made my own clothes in the eighth grade. As I and my talent grew, I received scholarships to colleges for my art but surprised everyone when I opted for an education in nursing and completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Nursing (BSN).

Visit Taradara at taradaramadeit.comMy choice took me out of Canada years ago and to the United States to work as an RN in a level 1 Trauma Center in New Mexico.  My calling kept whispering in my ear and I continued to create and educate myself in the arts. I’ve listened to that calling and have studied faux finishing and mural painting, raku pottery, and photography. I am mom to two handsome athletic growing boys and married to my NM sweetheart.  I now make my art and DIY our home in Colorado.

taradara's familyDIY has been a huge part of my life, probably before it was even a thing.  My parents are extremely handy, I watched them create, fix, and build while growing up which has molded into a way of life for me.  Any kind of art certainly strikes my fancy as I’ll try anything once, and if it gels with me, I’ll do it over and over again.  I come by creativity and art as my talent quite naturally … my great-gramma quilted, both of my grammas sewed (one quilted) and they both knitted, my auntie is a pattern maker for theater and the movies, and my dear mom is a seamstress as well.  My dad makes beautiful stained glass hangings and windows.  I feel so lucky to have come from this lineage of artists!

 So, where did the name ‘taradara’ come from?  

Obviously my first name.  My maiden name was Darough.  In college my nickname was ‘taradara‘ … hence my business name.  Kinda catchy, don’t ya think?

I feel blessed to think of where I was 10 years, 5 years, and even 3 years ago to where I am today.  I was nursing 10 years ago, even 5 years ago …  My life is full of activities, sewing, DIYing, blogging, networking, writing, and more.  The path has led me to various exciting Ambassadorships!  I have done numerous TV, Radio, Newspaper, and business blog interviews sharing my story and Instructional DVD and Online Sewing segments.  Our family is able to take in a lot of activities that Denver has to offer for families and share with everyone.  Life is so good!  SO GOOD!  Life doesn’t get much better than this.

So many wonderful and fun things have occurred!

To add to my repertoire, I represent artisans from all over the world at award show Gifting Suites (swag bags)  to the 2013 Golden Globes, the 2013 Emmy’s, and the 2014 and 2015 MTV Movie Awards!!!  WOW!!!!!

Nathan Fillion and Taradara

Shaving my head for St Baldricks Day 2014 to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research.  What an amazing experience!

She shaved her head to raise money for childhood cancer research. What an inspiration

Being on The Rachael Ray show on her Top 10 Recipes of 2013.

Filming multiple sewing instructional videos for PBS, various DVDs, and online sewing videos.

Being chosen to be one of Bob Vila’s Bloggers!

Being in multiple sewing magazines (including landing a cover on Sew News!!!  WOOT)


Be sure to visit the ‘In the Press‘ page for all the wonderful MEDIA coverage that taradara has received!

Be sure to visit the ‘Celebrities with Taradara‘  (it may include a picture of the lovely Shemar Moore … and a kiss)

So, what else do I do for fun?

Beyond  painting, sewing and creating, I also love traveling and exploring with my family.  My whole family is still in Canada, so every time they come down, we are exploring the whole time they’re here.  It gives my husband, boys, and I a wonderful opportunity to discover our state and brings us to destinations we may not have visited.  On our own, we have traveled around Colorado and frequented a lot of local places for kids.  We love the outdoors and the boys have taken up flyfishing, so we love to find different flyfishing areas to try.  

My boys are very involved in hockey and we travel for tournaments.  They make me so proud and excited that they have found a sport that they have excelled at and that they love.  Being a Canadian, hockey is in my blood and it’s heartwarming that they have it in theirs.

Did you hear?   Taradara won the 2011 Inventor Showcase at the Moms in Business Unite Conference in Denver for my iPad covers!!!  And recently ranked 84th in the NATION for Leading Moms in Business amongst 600+ moms.

Taradara’s iPhone covers were in the 2012 Golden Globe Award’s swag bags AND another wonderful handmade product in the 2013 GBK Productions Golden Globe swag bags as well!

What else would you like to know about Tara?

Hopefully some of the below will answer some questions for you.

If you’d like to know more, you can always shoot me an email taradaramadeit@gmail.com