Be bold with color – on the walls & in your hair!

Bold hair color style

I was just talking about being bold with wall color, but let's take it a bit further and be bold with color on my hair!  YEAH!! My feature wall in our front room is now purple, I cannot wait to share with you the completed project.  I now also have purple in my hair!  What made me do it?  Well, my hair is a point of growing out after shaving it 5 months ago {for St. Baldricks Day to raise money for Childhood Cancer}, and I really needed a style and something different to help me along the process.  You can see the pictures of my bald head and what I looked like just before the clippers touched my head slowly shaving my hair. I haven't colored my hair anything funky or anything that … [Read more...]

Unexpected Adventures + $25 Target Gift Card

Target Gift Card Giveaway

I'm teaming up with Target today and we're giving away a $25 Gift Card! {{See below how to enter to win!}} Pretty much every day is an unexpected adventure with me!   I want to talk about one in particular from several years back.  My BFF and her husband came from Canada to Albuquerque to visit and meet our new baby boy when he was just 4 months old.  It was their first trip to New Mexico and I wanted to make it so special and memorable for them. We took adventures all over the state but the most memorable and unexpected adventure was when I surprised them with a hot air balloon ride.  They had NO IDEA!  Not only was it special to surprise them but it was also mine and my husband's … [Read more...]

Taradara is getting a facelift!


Well, my blog is ... I personally use botox now that I'm over 40 ... LOL! Please enjoy the changes on the blogga-roo as they happen.  It will certainly be most lovely when it's completed and I cannot wait! PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT ABOUT WHAT YOU'D LIKE TO SEE OR WHAT YOU LIKE ALREADY! This is the perfect time to have YOUR voice heard and I'd love to know what your thoughts are!  Like, I would really really LOVE to know! It really is like waiting to see what a baby is going to look like after growing in a belly for 9-10 months! The anticipation is killing me, but I'm being patient because I know the end product is going to be stellar!! … [Read more...]

Be Bold With Color

Be Bold with Color

I am a bit out of my comfort zone here.  Most of you know me to be very colorful and bright with my sewing projects and products.  When it comes to wall color of my home, color is a challenge for me.  I am about to be very bold with color.  I'm pretty neutral generally when it comes to paint colors in my home. Not this time! This room has been white for over 5 years!  5 YEARS!  Why?  Because I haven't been able to decide what color to paint it.  It's the front room.  The first room you see when you walk into the house.  It has been a catch all room, never truly having an identity or purpose. See this amazing piece artwork?  It's one of the biggest inspirations to the 'change' Here's a … [Read more...]

Childhood Cancer Research – St. Baldricks

Woman shaved head for St. Baldricks - Childhood Cancer research

Just over 5 months ago, I shaved my head for Childhood Cancer Research at the St. Baldricks Foundation event in Denver.  It was one of the most liberating moment that I have ever experienced. Shaving your head for a woman is a big deal.  It's not a secret that for some women, hair is a defining characteristic for them.  This used to be me as well.  I used to love my hair {I still do, but ...}, but I was just at a point in my life that it didn't matter.  Hair is just hair, it seriously grows back. I'll be honest and won't lie, it's a very slow process.  There are times where I wish my hair would just grow and be long, like right now.  But there is never a time that I regret shaving my … [Read more...]

Boys and Sports

Boys USA hockey

I wanted to quickly share these cute hockey photos of my boy who has taken a HUGE love for the game.  My heart is warm when I watch my boys play hockey.  His team was 4th in their bracket and made a huge comeback to win the year end championship!!!  These strong boys in orange really played as a team in order to dominate.  When I hear them coming out of the locker room telling each other "Good game, you played so well!", I want to hug all of them! My oldest will play hockey any time, any place ... dry land or ice.  He is a devoted little player who truly has Canadian blood running through his veins.  I love it!!! We met Rex Brothers, a pitcher for the Colorado Rockies earlier this month … [Read more...]

Top 5 DIY and Makeover Shows

Top 5 DIY Home Makeover TV Shows to watch

There are so many DIY and Home remodeling makeover TV shows on the ol' boob tube! I prefer to watch them over anything else and always have since the original 'Trading Spaces' came on the scene ... remember that?!  I love getting ideas and watching transformations.  They inspire me, although I rarely replicate what they do on the show, but the DIY shows get my creative thought process going.  Actually, it's never shut off ... I watch a lot of the following home makeover shows ... Flipping the Block is a great one!  There are 4 teams who live in amongst the home remodel while they're doing it!  Not easy to do, but it's the reality and we don't get to see in other diy shows.  I'm kind of … [Read more...]

Remote Control Blinds {What?!}

remote control blind information

Yes, some of you fancy people have heard of these remote control blinds, but some have not and it could change your life {snicker} ... just like the invention of the TV remote changed lives! Decorview has a fancy product for those who love devices {ahem} and gadgets and new technologies in their home. We recently had new top down bottom up blinds installed by Decorview and seriously love the durability of them.  The remote control blinds extends the life of your blinds!  Whoa, just think, blinds for life ... just add batteries! (ha, I'm on fire today!!) For those who don't want another remote control in addition to the 5,390 remote control collection you may already have, there is a wall … [Read more...]

Colorado Rockies Pitcher takes time to meet young fans

Colorado Rockies Pitcher takes time to meet young fans with same name

For years I have wanted to have my boys who are 'the Rex brothers' meet Colorado Rockies pitcher, 'Rex Brothers'. I'll never forget sitting at Wahoo's waiting for our food, flipping through a magazine, I saw this ad about "What's up with Rex Brothers".  My first thought was 'they know we're here!!!!!' (in Denver) ... I quickly realized that one of the pitchers for the Rockies was this guy!  Ever since then, I made it a personal goal to have my little guys, 'the Rex brothers' meet THE 'Rex Brothers'. It finally happened and it was such a great experience, not only for the boys, but for all of us! We were able to meet this cute young pitcher prior to the game ... which also just so happened … [Read more...]

Quilt Kit Giveaway – Craftsy

Quilt kit Giveaway from Craftsy

Which quilt would you love to win? One randomly selected quilter will get to choose their prize, whether it's the starry True Blue Quilt Kit OR the elegant Blue Garden Quilt Kit. (Psst ... the prize also comes with the coordinated backing for the quilt!) **Only residents of the U.S. and Canada are eligible to enter.** Enter to win here: Enter to Win a Quilt Kit from Craftsy  … [Read more...]