Got wood?

How to Restore Wood

Does your house have wood doors, wood casings, wood cabinets?  Ours does.

Put that, animals, and kids that love rolling toys {and toys that don’t roll, just dent} and you’ve got knicks and scratches all day long …

Look at this nastiness right here…

IMG 9327 How to Restore Wood

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Would you sand and re-stain this wood door?

Probably yessssss ….

But you don’t have to.


Restore Wood Doors Easily

You just have rub it on, wait 10 minutes and rub off.

Watch what this lil metal can o’ magic can do!

IMG 9329 How to Restore WoodIMG 9330 How to Restore Wood

IMG 9331 How to Restore WoodScratches are GONE!!!

Wanna see more?
IMG 9332 How to Restore Wood

IMG 9334 How to Restore Wood RUST-OLEUM 66041 Watco Quart Rejuvenating Oil How to Restore Wood
Check this out….

IMG 9337 How to Restore Wood

IMG 9339 How to Restore WoodI seriously can’t get enough of this stuff!

IMG 9342 How to Restore WoodI just did it in the middle there, can you see it?

IMG 9343 How to Restore WoodThis is makes my heart sing!!!

IMG 93441 How to Restore WoodI have used Watco Rejuvenating Oil on my cabinets and baseboards in the past.  It really brings back the lustre of the wood and for little money spent.  It doesn’t take long at all.  I was able to do all my doors in our house in an hour.  So much easier than all the hard work and elbow grease, time and money!  Just my humble opinion!!

Check out my post on my wood cabinets!

Learn how to restore wood cabinets without sanding

watco How to Restore Wood

 I bought mine at a local hardware store, so it’s accessible, just ask for it by name.  Watco Rejuvenating Oil. Or order it on

{this is NOT a sponsored post, I just LOVE this stuff and want to share it with you}


  1. What about wood floors? I’ve got 2 big dogs and 1 little toddler and my foyer looks a hot mess! If not this, what?

    • Ella, I would totally try it! My doors are all finished with a lacquer. My only advice is to make sure to follow the instructions. It will leave a film on the finish that is hard to remove if you do not rub off after 10 minutes. xo

  2. Okay I NEED that! Our house has two little ones & a crazy pup- we’d definitely put that to work!
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  3. Canola oil and white vinegar will do the same thing, and a lot cheaper.

  4. Does it come in different shades so you can match the colors?

  5. What is the amounts of canola oil and vinegar? Do you wipe it on and rub or wipe it off in 10 min’s too?

    • Hi Pam! I haven’t tried the oil and vinegar, but I’ve read 3/4 cup oil and 1/4 vinegar and no need to wipe off after. Let us know if you try it and what your results were. xo


  7. Tara ,
    I am beyond thrilled I found you on Pinterest. I was about to hop in the car to head to the hardware when I read the post by qwen about the DIY version. Sooo in my pj’s I ran to the kitchen and poured up olive oil and vinegar concoction … Omg! It’s a miracle!!! I wish I could post a pic in the comment. It was so easy. I have new cabinets!!! Thank you!!! 😀


    • Baylie, thank you so much! That is such a valid point! Thank you for sharing the alternative for the vegetable based oil. My readers will appreciate it!

  9. Chris Borders says:

    Is this also available at Lowes or home depot?

  10. I looked at the details on the product. It claims it’s good on previously oiled wood items. But some of the reviews state they used it on old furniture, (not specifying the previous oil treated). I just acquired a gorgeous vintage bedroom set that would benefit greatly from something like this, it’s one of those wood veneer sets… not sure if this would be appropriate or not. I’m pretty sure there is a finish on there and it’s not oil.

    • Andrea! I’d love to see your vintage bedroom set! I’m a sucker for them! I am not an expert, however, I would simply try it on an inconspicuous area and let it sit overnight to see it’s reaction if any. Please come back and let us know how it turns out! xo

  11. I just looked up the product, it says “interior only”, I have a front door that needs some major love. Do you think it would work?

    • Hey Charlie! I’m wondering if it’s a door in full sun? If it’s shaded, I’m wondering if you tried it in an small area, like in a corner or something to see what it might do. I haven’t used the product on an outdoor surface, so I can’t answer for sure. I’m also thinking that it may dry up quickly and you may have to re-apply the product more often than not. Best advice, if you have access to a Lowes or Home Depot or wood supply store, ask them what they’ve heard or experienced. Please come back and share your experience or advice you received. {you could probably even call a wood supply store if one is not close to you to ask} Thanks for your question! xo

  12. Hi,
    Used the Watco oil on an old clock. I wiped it down first with water and just a couple of drops of dish soap. Next, I applied the oil on a small spot on the side, just to be sure. The wood was so parched and had some minor scratches. Could not believe the transformation. The grain showed up and there is a very nice lustre. Hard to believe it’s the same clock. Still have some minor repairs to make to some of the veneer. Am looking around the house to see what else can be revived :) Thank you again for recommending this product.

  13. Maybe a duh question but where can you purchase food grade mineral oil? I use to have a wooden cutting board and never knew where to purchase mineral oil for it. My local store sure didn’t care it! We have LOTS of wood trim and hard wood floors that are suuupppperrrrr scratched up! Totally trying this! Thank you!!!

    • Hi Stacey, for wooden cutting boards, I’ve used coconut oil. I fumbled throughout the same issue and then used the coconut oil and it has worked well for me. Hope this helps. xo Tara

    • You can find Mineral Oil in the pharmacy (CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aide, etc). It’s with the laxatives on the bottom shelf usually.

  14. I just discovered this fabulous product and I’m here to tell you it WORKS!! I’ve done all my kitchen cupboards, the woodwork on my bannister and the list goes on….It’s the BEST:)

  15. Hello! I found this on Pinterest :). I was wondering if this would work on dark stained wood. We purchased a large custom entertainment stand before we had kids and now it’s definitely seen better days. I’m at a loss on what to do about the scratches and dings besides a major refinishing project. Does the product fill in the scratches?! It looks too good to be true!

    • Hi Beth, it doesn’t necessarily ‘fill in’ the scratches, rather it rejuvenates or brings back luster of the wood that was scratched. I am honestly not sure exactly how it will look on the dark wood. There is a rub on poly from Watco that you might try as it comes in a darker tint. But, again, it’s only a suggestion as I am also not sure how it would look with dark stained wood. Thank you for your comment, Beth! xo Tara

    • Hi Beth! Old English works great on dark stained wood. My family has used it for year. They make clear for light wood and a darker for all others. Hope it helps. Janie

  16. If used on kitchen cabinets would you need to clean built-up grease first?
    Really want to try this.

    • I probably would. I didn’t have much build up on ours as it was mostly the bottom row of cabinets that were in need of attention. Thanks, Susan!! xo

  17. Does the color of wood you have matter?

    • Hi Natalie! I think that if you have a lighter stained wood that the shade wouldn’t matter as much. However, if your wood is a darker stain, then you may want to look in to the pencils that are available in any hardware store. They are found in the paint aisle generally by the stain. The pencils will fill in the scratches with the closest matched color. Thanks! xo Tara

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