How do you  mosaic a pot?  How do you mosaic a backsplash?  How do you tile a mosaic a “anything”?

How to make a cheap and easy mosaic

It’s quite simple really!  Not that complicated, actually.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Tile or plates

Board, MDF, a Pot, something to mosaic

Tile Adhesive



Putty knife

Sponges (2)

Containers (3)



Supplies needed to make a mosaic

How Make the Mosaic

I like to start by arranging my broken tile in to somewhat of a picture, but, this is YOUR project.  So, feel free to NOT arrange the tiles in any pattern what-so-ever.  It’s all part of the fun.  I set them out only to see if I have enough pieces for the flower petals, the  stem, and everything around it.

Moving on.  You can either spread the tile adhesive on the board and simply arrange the tiles OR you can ‘butter’ each tile and place them on the board.  Let set to dry.

Mix the grout according to the instructions on the packaging.

How to make a mosaic

Be sure to mix it and use it!  It’s not something that you can mix, cover, and come back to.  It will set and harden and won’t be usable in a short time.  So you want to make sure you are there to complete the grouting process right when you mix it up.

How to make a mosaic

I love these cups!  I received them from the Brown Palace, a local historic hotel in Denver.  Unfortunately the cup arrived in 2 pieces … I saved them for a special project which was this mosaic project!  It split right down the center!

How lucky!

How to make a mosaic

So, you have applied the grout.  You need to let it sit and set up for a bit, according to the instructions on the package.  I think it’s about 20-30 minutes.  It looks really messy, but not for long!

How to make a mosaic

Then you want to take your 2 other containers and fill them with water.

One will be for your ‘dirty’ sponge and water, the other will be for your ‘clean’ sponge and water.
How to make a mosaic

You start by taking your more than damp sponge, but not dripping wet sponge, and dragging it over to take the excess grout off of the tiles.  Rinse.  This is Officially your DIRTY water and sponge.  Keep using this water and sponge until most of the grout is off the tiles.

How to make a mosaic

Now, I use the ‘clean’ sponge and go over, you will notice that it’ll leave less of the white residue from the grout on the tiles.  Rinse in the clean water and SQUEEZE into the DIRTY water.  Continue this until you feel the grout residue is off the tile and where you want it.

How to make a mosaic

I let it dry a bit as I kept on dragging the damp grout back and for over the tiles.  So after it dried a bit, I wiped it down really well with the ‘clean’ sponge and made sure the tiles were clean.

Let completely dry over night.

To Finish it off:

For this project, I went around the edge with a ribbon to finish it.  I simply hot glued it to the edge and folded the end to make it look finished.  And I applied a wire to the back with hot glue.  Measured it, approximately 8″, I bent it in the middle, rolled the ends, and applied a good sized dollop of hot glue to secure each end.  I let it sit for a few hours to make sure it was good and dry before ‘testing’ it out.  I would make sure that you put enough glue or adhesive to ensure it’ll stay hanging on the wall.  Depending on the size of your mosaic, you will have to use your discretion on the ‘hanging attire’ you’ll use.

How to make a mosaic

I loved how they turned out!!

What do you think?

DIY Mosaic Teacher gifts

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