You want to OWN your business?

I’m over at Flamingo Toes today!!!

Talking a bit about OWNING your business.

I give 4 tips on how to OWN your business and be PASSIONATE about it!!!

xo Tara


  1. JaneEllen Jones says:

    Hi Tara I’ve been toying with and almost started my own business for awhile. Had a couple false starts in last couple years. Got discouraged, look at my “stuff” and think it’s not good enough for anybody to want to buy. But deep down that little nagging voice keeps pestering my subconscious. Last year was closest I came. I make cards and other paper products for dogs (could include cats). I’ve made up and have a cast of dog characters. The person I was going to do this with makes dog treats but she wanted to go national right away and I couldn’t afford to do the advertising and all she wanted. Also it’s just me making the cards, invitations, thank you cards, etc. and I knew I couldn’t make enough without the quality suffering. I still would love to try to see what I could do with this idea.
    I was going to go to places in town that sell dog stuff, groomers, etc. but she said I couldn’t as she had already approached them. I make cards for holidays, birthdays, adoptions, all kinds of ideas. Needless to say I got pretty discouraged after that experience. I also don’t have the funds to buy displays for the cards, etc. My husband and I have SS for our only income so we’re very limited in this way.
    Any suggestions? I thought about trying to sell on a Facebook page. I would need to start out slowly and not have to put money into this except for supplies to make the cards etc. Anybody else that has any ideas I’m sure open for suggestions. Would be nice to be able to make some money from what I love to do. I haven’t seen anything else like this out there so thought it might be a merited idea. Ok thanks for this chance to ask you. I did read your tips on starting a crafting business.

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