You Know What I LOVE????

I LOVE my boys!

I LOVE that my boys want to participate in what I’m doing.


I LOVE that my boys want to sew with me on ‘Brother’.


I LOVE that my boys want to mend their own socks!



I also LOVE that they want to be in my studio while I’m in there working. ¬†Even if it means dumping my buttons out on the carpet and playing dinosaurs!!!


What do your kiddos do with you that you LOVE?

xo Tara


  1. JaneEllen Jones says:

    They want to be with you cause they love you. Sigh, how sweet. Good that they do want to be close so you can keep them in sight, no mischief.
    I have a big boy that follows me around, only he’s 70 yrs. old, lol. Every time I turn around no matter what room it is he’s there. Think maybe he’s bored? I try to find things for him to do outside now that the weather is nicer. I was so used to being alone when he was gone trucking and working after he “retired” I jump from being startled. lol Not complaining but 24/7 togetherness can get a little smothering. Love him lots tho, 43 1/2 years married.
    Your boys are such cute little boys. Wish I could raise my kids again, they’re almost 42, 47, 49, and almost 52. the boys are 16 months apart. When I look at pictures of them all I tear up as they grew up so fast. I have two girls also, the youngest and oldest are girls. Enjoy your boys, cherish them, that wonderful childish sweetness and innocence is so precious. Sounds like you’re a pretty good Mom.

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