Colorado Rockies Pitcher takes time to meet young fans

For years I have wanted to have my boys who are 'the Rex brothers' meet Colorado Rockies pitcher, 'Rex Brothers'. I'll never forget sitting at Wahoo's waiting for our food, flipping through a magazine, I saw this ad about "What's up with Rex Brothers".  My first thought was 'they know we're here!!!!!' (in Denver) ... I quickly realized that one of the pitchers for the Rockies was this guy!  Ever since then, I made it a personal goal to have my little guys, 'the Rex brothers' meet THE 'Rex Brothers'. It finally happened and it was such a great experience, not only for the boys, but for all of us! We were able to meet this cute young pitcher prior to the game ... which also just so happened … [Read more...]

A Fort for the Boys

A few months ago, we received a play set for FREE from our neighbor as their daughter had outgrown it and they wanted to get rid of it.  I had been looking on Craigslist for a while, but wasn't ready to throw down $400-$800 for one.  Well, we were so thrilled and LUCKY to get this from our neighbor!!  We had to do some tuning up, of course, and had to purchase some parts ... but we were just so thankful to have this playset for our boys! Well, we put on a HUGE canopy made of solid wood.  My husband believes in making things very sturdy and didn't want to put just a 'tarp' that we'd have to just end up replacing in the future anyways. Well, it turns out, he's not a carpenter. The 'support' … [Read more...]

What We Did This Weekend ~ Last Baseball Game and Awards

BASEBALL AWARDS!!!! The boy is finished baseball for this season. It was a great experience for him.  For his brother. For us. He learned a sport he's passionate about. His brudder also found a sport he's passionate about as well. We all made new friends. Here are some pictures from his last game.... Each time he was up to bat, the coaches would 'advise' the other team to 'back em up' cause he's got some heat!! The boys and the coaches... The boy receiving his very FIRST baseball trophy!! They practice during their 'play' time at home {which I love}. {isn't he the funniest kid} And you know the best part? The best part is they LOVE playing with their … [Read more...]

What We Did This Weekend ~ Baseball and 11,000 ft?

Hope you had a GREAT weekend!! Are you ready for an even better week? We are!!!! Let's get started with what we did this past weekend... Baseball season is coming to an end ALREADY!  That went fast!  It seems like we were just getting started. The boys have enjoyed it so much that all they want to do when we're at home is catch, hit, or throw a ball {fine by me!} Here's the boy on third... Seems to be having a bit of a conference. Our neighbors having been coming out to cheer the boys on!! She was so funny! Putting on all the boys' gear when they weren't using it. You know, taunting them!  LOL! Another set of neighbors invited us up to their 'cabin' in the woods. Take a look at … [Read more...]

What We Did This Weekend ~ Happy Canada Day and Independence Day!!!

This weekend was ALL about celebrating Independence!!! I'm blessed to be able to celebrate BOTH Canada Day and Independence Day!!!!   Since I'm originally from Canada, we celebrated {well, I celebrated} CANADA DAY on Friday. On July 1st {Canada Day} my husband had a fun day at his work, so we went out there to have some fun and play ... ... no offense {I secretly was celebrating Canada Day within}... Here are some pics from Friday...   The boys gave this a try ... then... Their dad did ... It was kinda funny... A whole big line of kids under 7... And then, there's my husband...   A sweet picture of the brothers actually not trying to kill … [Read more...]

What We Did This Weekend ~ Baseball, Golf and Goodwill Finds!!!!

Yes, of course it was another Little League baseball game ...                      The boy hit a line drive right up the middle {you should have seen the other team's faces!}  *surprise* The coaches were talking/laughing about the hit after saying they had no idea where it came from  LOL That's my boy!!! Here's the other boy, hamming it up as always... All my boys went to play 9 holes ...   Check out the ball to the right of the pic! I love our camera!!! I had a few hours to myself so I decided to go to Goodwill, you know, just to browse .... you gotta see what a I got ... I'll just show you 2 things I got {I'll post some of the others in another post} Oh, how I love … [Read more...]

What We Did This Weekend ~ Baseball, Rockies, and Father’s Day

Let's start off with the boy playing so well that his coaches gave him the GAME  BALL!!!  Every game, one player is given a Game Ball for being outstanding in some way ... I was a proud mama!!! Moving on ... On Friday, my friend and I went to our first Canvas & Corkscrews painting session {we signed up for 3!}.  You choose a session based on the painting that you would like to paint and they teach you how to do it.  It's kind of like paint with numbers without the numbers.  It was a BLAST!!!  They serve wine AND you can bring your own food and eat it there before or while you paint.  You wanna see what we painted?  Of course you do.... On Saturday, we had baseball first thing in … [Read more...]