What we did this weekend – Painting, Train Rides, and Baseball!

There has been so much going on…

Oh, where do I start?

Well, during the week I painted our living room shelves WHITE!  And I LOVE them!  My mom might not as she LOVES the oh natural wood, but I couldn’t take it anymore.  Our house we bought is beautiful and nice, but the wood that is EVERYWHERE is overwhelming to me.  So, we’ve been here for a few years now … and I’m ready to finally make it ours.


After {almost}

So, yeah, I have a few more things to do with it, like add shelves amongst others…

Moving on….

Our oldest had his FIRST baseball game!  So very exciting for our little family.  Knowing that this will be our lives for the years to come is so satisfying and gratifying for us as parents.  The boys LOVE playing!!!  What’s more is hearing our coach telling the other coach, “You might wanna have your guys move back”, when our boy got up to bat was so cool!  A very proud mommy moment for me.  And sure enough, he smacked it in to left field!  I know it’s just TBall right now, but this is where it starts …

Who knows, perhaps a legacy has begun….

This is where he SPANKED that poor ball

{It’s hard to take pictures with just him in it as I don’t want to include other kiddo’s faces on my blog … so not cool to do}

The boys and I went to Tiny Town and had a BLAST!  I brought our oldest here when he was just under 2 and I was pregnant with our youngest.  We spent the whole afternoon there and rode the train THREE times!  It just never gets old for these boys!

Hey, they loved it!

The owners have put so much effort in to these tiny houses.

Every one has it’s own identity and look with little props inside of the them for kids to look at.

This is my personal favorite! {so Dr Seuss, hey!}

They have a few larger houses for kids to go in and explore.

And a wishing well!

Very Fun!!

So, there you have it ….

Be prepared for more shots of baseball as it’ll be a big part of our weekends for the next couple of months … hope you don’t mind 😉

Have a great week!!!

xo Tara


  1. Those tiny houses looked so cool!

    Glad you are one of those that doesn’t post other kids pics on your blog. Like you said “not cool”.

    • taradara says:

      Yeah, I’m just not a fan of that. I’d HATE to see my sons’ faces on someone else’s blog without my permission!

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