What to Wear to Golden Globes

As you can imagine, I’m starting to get pretty pumped about heading out to Beverly Hills for the Golden Globes event next week.  I’ve started to think about what I’m going to wear.

Would you mind if I share a little fashion show I did for myself yesterday?

Feel free to let me know which ones you like most …

At first, I wasn’t a fan of this Gap dress.  But now, it’s kind of grown on me.  I like it because it has convenient pockets and it actually looks pretty good on me {toot toot!}.  It might be a contender for a non Golden Globes event?

My mother in law GAVE me this amazing number!  I love it as it’s not thick fabric and it has some give to it.  It makes me feel a bit sexy as it hugs my curves in the right places.  I’ve paired it with a cute little cardigan that has ruffles along the edges.

Not as formal, but COMFORTABLE!!!  We’ll be in the gift lounge for a LOT of hours chatting and schmoozing.  It’s important to be comfortable and look great at the same time.  This might be a ‘setting up’ outfit.

This dress is so airy and fun, that’s what I like about it.  It has a soft texture, it’s not clingy, and it’s kind of sassy in a black and white kind of way.

Now this is a black dress that every woman should have in her closet!  This beautiful dress has the best flowing layers ever.  When I put this on to show my husband, his eyes about popped out of his head.  I’d say this is a definite for the Golden Globes with that reaction.  These probably are not the most appealing photos, but this dress hugs my body nicely and is comfortable at the same time.  It’s made out of soft fabric with a lot of stretch that doesn’t lose it’s shape.  I’m bringing this one for sure.

I’m thinking this one probably isn’t the most flattering dress.  But, it’s dressy with the sequins and Beverly Hills with the frills and the lace printed chiffon fabric bottom.  It is also very comfortable.

See my problem?  I don’t want to bring them all, but I want to have choices for the day of.  So to let you know what we’ll be attending so you have an idea of what I need to wear … We’ll have to set up our space, which won’t require ‘dress up’ clothes.  We will have 2 full days in the Golden Globes Gift Lounge where the celebrities come through.  We will be going for dinner, of course, gals need to eat!!!  I’ll need a dress for that.  So, I’ll need at least 3 different dresses for sure.  I want to dress up all pretty for at least one dinner.  I could maybe use the less dressy outfits for the other times.

Oh, I’ll let you in on a little secret … all the outfits {with the exception of the teal one my mother in law gave me} were bought at my favorite store.

Can you guess which one?



  1. Nikki Kelly says:

    I say LBDs all the way! I especially love the first one from the Gap. I think the shape and rigid structure make it look really interesting while keeping it feminine. See you on Tuesday!

  2. Christy McMurray says:

    Hey there I like the first one ans the one with the sparkly top and grey bottom!! They all look beautiful on you but those are my faves!!! Have fun!!!!

  3. Love the little green and black dress

  4. oh DEFINITELY the ruffly black one with the flower – LOVE! And the sweater dress looks perfect for setting up – and I really like the casual GAP black dress – pair it with some sparkly and dressy accessories and I think it’s PERFECT! 🙂

  5. Kendra | The Savvy WAHM says:

    My vote is for the 1st dress with a pair of sexy, comfortable red or your fave color wedges or heels.

    Congratulations again!

  6. definitely love the black w/floaty layers for SURE!! & the B+W striped one for set-up. I’m with you…go with your gut. I also like that 1st black dress for a dinner out…perhaps bring a fun & colorful scarf to wear with it or sparkly belt or jewelry to snazz it up a bit. Have fun! 🙂

  7. cluelessmama says:

    I love the first one. It is very classy and looks great on you. They all look really nice though. I say pack them ALL!! I’m so jealous and can’t wait to hear about your awesome time you are going to have. Maybe we can talk about it while we paint sometime:) BTW…love Goodwill too.

  8. amanda kay tea says:

    I like the little teal dress with the black jacket to it. they are all super cute and im pretty sure you’d look adorable in all of them, but the teal with the jacket is my fave 🙂

  9. They all look great. Sweater and leggings look too casual for the actual event, but awesome for setting up. Any of the above would be fabulous and you look amazing!! Have a FABULOUS time.

  10. The layered black dress or the green and black one are really cute. Whatever you chose you will look great. Have fun!!

  11. Rachel, backngroovemom says:

    Love the black layers/tiers
    AND I think the last one is flattering with the ruffles?

  12. the teal dress!

  13. Hey Kiddo, thinking of you and wishing you the best of 2013! It’s been so long that I’ve known you that I get to call you ‘Kiddo’ still! Or my age is showing?
    Love the first dress, and for set up the sweater dress. As long as you’re wearing your lovely smile, anything will look great on you!

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