Don’t replace your ceiling fan – Paint it!

How to save money on light fixtures. Don't get rid of your old one, just paint it to update it #diy

Save your money and paint the darn thing! Paint your ceiling fan! We moved in 5 years ago and I've wanted to change out my ceiling fans for new ones ever since we looked at it.  Every time I go to Lowes or Home Depot, I look at the fans.  I look the next time and the next.... Then I'd go home and think, I should paint mine.  Then I'd think of taking it down, taking it apart and painting it.  Then I'd cringe. Then I'd be at Lowes, I'd look at the ceiling fans again ... and, look at the price and think about taking the old one down and putting the new one up.  Then I think about painting them again. See, it's been a vicious cycle. Try being in my brain ... It's totally ADHD {no … [Read more...]

How to Start Hot Water Heater Pilot Light

How to start hot water heater pilot light. You can do it yourself! #diy

No need to call a plumber or a handyman. You can start your own darn hot water heater pilot light and you know what? It's EASY! How do you know that this might be a problem?  You don't have any hot water in your house ... anywhere.  You look to see if your hot water heater has exploded and it hasn't.  You go back and turn on another hot water faucet thinking maybe it was that one faucet that is broken.  Nope, no hot water.  You return to the water heater and read the directions on how to get the pilot light on.  (Ahem, not that I did that or anything....) I'm here to show you that you will not blow up. You can do this. YOU can Fix it yourself! … [Read more...]

DIY Tablecloth

Cute DIY Tablecloth idea tutorial

I wanted a nice table cloth for our annual neighborhood progressive party, but didn't want to spend a bunch of money on 2 tablecloths {call me cheap or call me crafty}.  So, I fixed that with the help of Pinterest.  I saw this picture from Joann and thought I could totally do that. I didn't want to worry about chargers and setting a beautiful table scape for 14 people ... I'm kind of a low maintenance no nonsense kind of host ... LOL!  Lame to some, easy going to others. So, I went to the store and bought 7 yards of beige cotton fabric that was on sale and some Tulip puffy paint.  Budg-et, people!!! I used the plate I was going to use as a template, you could use a cardboard cut out if … [Read more...]

Christmas Card Display Ideas

DIY Christmas Card Displays

I love receiving Christmas cards. CONFESSION:  I am so guilty of not sending them, and am always surprised that friends still consider us to send wonderful cards during the holidays.  I love all the amazing ideas that my fellow creative blogger friends have come up with for various displays. Here are some DIY ideas that you can totally make yourself ... Sweet C's Designs made a Vintage Ski Christmas Card Display The Thinking Closet has this DIY Pallet Christmas Card Display C.R.A.F.T has an easy DIY Card Tree she shows how to make Crafts n' Coffee made this Clothesline Bulletin Board to display Christmas Cards The Country Chic Cottage has this great 'under $5' Vintage … [Read more...]

Taradara is on the Cover (of Sew News!!)

Taradara on the cover of Sew News magazine with 3 of a kind Christmas stockings

How exciting is this???!!!  My 3 of a Kind Christmas stocking design is on the cover of Sew News!! Sew exciting!! I keep thinking in my crazy little head, "I'm on the cover of the Rolling Stone!!!" LOL! What a surprise and a true honor to be right there!!!! I can imagine now what's like for new artists to hear their song on the radio for the very first time!  {this isn't quite near as exciting but it's pretty close for a small town girl like me!} Go to Sew and you can see all the creative articles in this edition set to be on newsstands this week. Here's a full picture of the lovelies.... Be sure to go to my Holiday Bake, Craft, Sew-Along Giveaway post where we're giving … [Read more...]

Succulents don’t die easy!

How to make a succulent arrangement

If you're like me, I don't have a great rep with plants.  They seem to want to leave my house screaming when I bring them through our doors. Well, I've outsmarted them!!! SUCCULENTS!!!!!!! I love greenery to add to my home, but I always kill the gorgeous plants before long, so now I'm so happy to have found the answer!!  The heavens have opened up, friends!!  Let me tell you, they are the easiest plants to keep!  They like to be watered every once in awhile.  They have a hard time dying! Succulents are the BEST! Succulents don't cost a whole lot. You can buy succulents at any plant shop or home hardware store. Succulents RULE!! With winter on the way, these puppies survive … [Read more...]

How to Make a Mosaic

How to make a cheap and easy mosaic

How do you  mosaic a pot?  How do you mosaic a backsplash?  How do you tile a mosaic a "anything"? It's quite simple really!  Not that complicated, actually. Here's what you'll need: Tile or plates Board, MDF, a Pot, something to mosaic Tile Adhesive Grout Gloves Putty knife Sponges (2) Containers (3) Wire Adhesive How Make the Mosaic I like to start by arranging my broken tile in to somewhat of a picture, but, this is YOUR project.  So, feel free to NOT arrange the tiles in any pattern what-so-ever.  It's all part of the fun.  I set them out only to see if I have enough pieces for the flower petals, the  stem, and everything around it. Moving on.  You can either spread … [Read more...]

HGTV’s Design Star Likes ME! Kim Myles Likes ME

HGTV's Design Star, Kim Myles, like this bloggers kitchen makeover tutorials.  See what she has to say

She really likes me!!! Kim Myles shocked the heck out of me when I saw she had retweeted me {she tweeted my post to all of her followers}!! When I post a blog post, it automatically tweets it out to my followers.  So, I cross my fingers and hope that someone in the twitterverse will see it and click over. Kim Myles added to my happiness when I saw this after I posted my How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets tutorial... She wrote "Great How-To!" WOOT!!! I HAD to reply to her ... cause that's how I am!  She told me she loves what I do as well! WHAT? Yup, she said it!!! I actually did watch her season and watched her finale!!!  It's hard to watch TV with little people, but I DVR'd HGTV's … [Read more...]

Helpful Houseplant Tip

Houseplant tips

During my travels with my nursing job this spring, I came across an Orchid plant in an office.  I even picked up a houseplant tip from it!! Not just any Orchid plant ... one that was ALIVE!!!!  I always seem to bring them to their demise for some reason ;( Well, I saw something I wanted to quickly share with you. These ladies don't just take care of sick people ... and well people.... They make sure their plants are taken care of as well! Check out their CLEVER way of holding the Orchid's branches up ... They use Hairclips!!! Now, that's clever!!! You can buy them at the dollar store for, well, a buck and use them all over your house ... Well, all over your house if you have … [Read more...]

Lipton Iced Tea Cocktail With Wine~ Quick and Easy!

Lipton Tea Cocktail

I'm always looking for a reason to drink wine from a straw!This super simple Lipton Tea Cocktail welcomes you to do so!!Well, it welcomed me to do it ...Key Ingredients:Lipton Diet Green Tea with Honey GinsengWhite wine.I'm not much of a measurement type gal, so I eyeballed it and went half and half!!Okay, perhaps I went a bit more on the wine half than the tea ... I'm honest like that....Throw a strawberry and a straw in it and voila, you have a great looking cocktail that took you 2 seconds to make and it tastes great as well!  Oh and this particular Lipton Tea 0 calories!!!  Can't beat the flavor and the lack of calories!!!I used the Lipton Diet Green Tea Honey Ginseng, but you could also … [Read more...]