Dining Room Makeover – Commence!

How to Venetian Plaster a wall

I have been sharing a LOT {I mean a LOT LOT LOT} of photos on Instagram and Twitter of my dining room makeover.  So, if you follow me, I hope it was okay … It is so exciting to makeover parts of my home and to be able to share warms my heart.  If it [Read On]

DIY Tablecloth

Cute DIY Tablecloth idea tutorial

I wanted a nice table cloth for our annual neighborhood progressive party, but didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on 2 tablecloths {call me cheap or call me crafty}.  So, I fixed that with the help of Pinterest.  I saw this picture from Joann and thought I could totally do that. I didn’t [Read On]

Christmas Card Display Ideas

DIY Christmas Card Displays

I love receiving Christmas cards. CONFESSION:  I am so guilty of not sending them, and am always surprised that friends still consider us to send wonderful cards during the holidays.  I love all the amazing ideas that my fellow creative blogger friends have come up with for various displays. Here are ideas that you can [Read On]

Taradara is on the Cover (of Sew News!!)

Taradara on the cover of Sew News magazine with 3 of a kind Christmas stockings

How exciting is this???!!!  My 3 of a Kind Christmas stocking design is on the cover of Sew News!! Sew exciting!! I keep thinking in my crazy little head, “I’m on the cover of the Rolling Stone!!!” LOL! What a surprise and a true honor to be right there!!!! I can imagine now what’s like [Read On]

Succulents don’t die easy!

How to make a succulent arrangement

If you’re like me, I don’t have a great rep with plants.  They seem to want to leave my house screaming when I bring them through our doors. Well, I’ve outsmarted them!!! SUCCULENTS!!!!!!! I love greenery to add to my home, but I always kill the gorgeous plants before long, so now I’m so happy [Read On]

How to Make a Mosaic

How to make a cheap and easy mosaic

How do you  mosaic a pot?  How do you mosaic a backsplash?  How do you tile a mosaic a “anything”? It’s quite simple really!  Not that complicated, actually. Here’s what you’ll need: Tile or plates Board, MDF, a Pot, something to mosaic Tile Adhesive Grout Gloves Putty knife Sponges (2) Containers (3) Wire Adhesive How [Read On]

HGTV’s Design Star Likes ME! Kim Myles Likes ME

HGTV's Design Star, Kim Myles, like this bloggers kitchen makeover tutorials.  See what she has to say

She really likes me!!! Kim Myles shocked the heck out of me when I saw she had retweeted me {she tweeted my post to all of her followers}!! When I post a blog post, it automatically tweets it out to my followers.  So, I cross my fingers and hope that someone in the twitterverse will [Read On]

Helpful Houseplant Tip

Houseplant tips

During my travels with my nursing job this spring, I came across an Orchid plant in an office.  I even picked up a houseplant tip from it!! Not just any Orchid plant … one that was ALIVE!!!!  I always seem to bring them to their demise for some reason ;( Well, I saw something I [Read On]

Lipton Iced Tea Cocktail With Wine~ Quick and Easy!

Lipton Tea Cocktail

I’m always looking for a reason to drink wine from a straw! This super simple Lipton Tea Cocktail welcomes you to do so!! Well, it welcomed me to do it … Key Ingredients: Lipton Diet Green Tea with Honey Ginseng White wine. I’m not much of a measurement type gal, so I eyeballed it and [Read On]

DIY Holiday Wreath – Easy 30 Minute Craft


Holiday Christmas Wreaths are everywhere. I decided to try my hand at making my own and it actually turned out okay! Yes, I surprised myself! Making this wreath was super easy and took me under 30 minutes! You’ll need: Twig/vine wreath or a styrofoam wreath Clippings from your Christmas tree Festive decorations … they’re on [Read On]

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