Tutorial Tuesday – Finger Nail Polish and Sewing!

A sewing tip for you!

When you machine sew your buttons on to fabric, does the thread sometimes start to pull out?

Then you lose your button and it could be a huge PAIN to reattach it, right?

Well, I would love to share a little tip with you!!!


sewing tipsWe have 2 buttons here that I just machine sewed on {saves me a lot of time!}

sewing tipsHere’s the flipped side

sewing tipsGrab your clear nail polish out of your cabinet {or fridge, where ever you store yours}

sewing tipsAnd simply dab some on to the threads!

Easy Peasy!  Lemon Squeezy!

Do you have any other uses for Nail Polish?

xo Tara


  1. I use it for EVERYTHING. If you get a tear in your tank (as I often do), after you patch a man’s torn pants (I use it inside on the stitches–just like you) and I also love it for keeping edges from fraying (if you don’t want to burn them).

  2. This is a great tip!

    Clear nail polish is also good for hand sewing. Apply it to the end of a thread you’re having trouble threading through the needle, shake it around to dry it a bit, and voila!

    You can apply it to the thread end whenever you’re done using it, and it’ll be ready for next time. It helps keep the thread from fraying when you’re not using it, too!

    That tip was passed on to me, but with hairspray. But clear nail polish is much more portable, easy to use, scentless, and cheap. 😉

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