Tutorial Tuesday – Bug Catcher

Okay, I saw this in a magazine, I think.

It looked easy enough, so I thought I’d give it try….

Our boys are soooooooo in to catching bugs … and bees {yes, I said bees}.

Our 5 year old comes in with a container with 5-6 bees swarming around

…. and half of the flowers from my garden!

On to the tutorial….

So, I originally got a Pringles container and a Stax container.

Well, the GREAT thing about the Pringles container {and why I got another one} is that it’s silver inside.  You can totally see the bugs better than in the dark blue container of the Stax.  Moving on….

I simply took a knife and cut 2 holes in the containers…

I then spray painted {you can do this before or after you cut the holes}….

I cut two pieces of screen material {yes, we actually had some on hand surprisingly}.

The screen is actually curved from being rolled so it worked out perfectly for this craft project.

Then, this is where it gets a bit tricky…

You might want to close your eyes.

It’s a bit messy.

At first, I thought I wanted the screen material to hold REALLY well, so I wanted to hot glue it.

Well, it was a good thought, but not workable.

So, I went down to the boys’ craft stash and stole their Elmers Glue.

I tried applying directly inside the hole.  This works for the first screen you apply, but for the second one, I did this and placed it CAREFULLY inside

Not exactly the cleanest craft job.

I’m kind of glad I did this one on my own without the boys because it would’ve been an EPIC fail {maybe even more than this one.

So, this is the final product….

I’m going to get the boys to decorate them tomorrow and they’ll have their bug catchers to play with for the rest of the summer.

Can you guess what we’re going to do with this bad boy?


xo Tara


  1. We have one of those cookie jars!

    • You do! We aren’t using it for cookies…. far from it …. I can’t wait to post pictures of what we’re going to do with it!!!!

  2. What a great idea!

  3. You must let us know what you catch with your bug catchers!!

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