Top 5 Kid Places to visit in Albuquerque + Bucket List item

Places to visit in Albuquerque are in abundance and fun for the whole family.  I have included 5 of my top picks ... plus a bonus at the end! When we lived there, the boys were little and our days could easily be filled with things to do with kids. The Albuquerque Convention & Visitor's Bureau is a great resource when planning your trip to New Mexico. Sandia Peak Tram The Sandia Peak Tram is celebrating 50 years! The tram has served over 11 million people during those 50 years, including the likes of Australian, Hugh Jackman (whom we missed by a week!! Bummer!), Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others.  During the tram ride up the mountain, the attendant shares facts about Albuquerque as … [Read more...]

My trip back home … a little picture tour {BC, Canada}

So, I promised back in December to post some pictures of my sights while I was home with my dad. He had open heart surgery in Victoria, BC {which is on Vancouver Island}.  There are a select few hospitals in BC that do heart surgery, so they find one that has a bed and fly you there {depending on where you are originally}.  It's a bit of a trek from where we our hometown is, but, big deal ... they took care of him and kept him on this earth. Victoria is where I actually graduated with my Nursing Degree {although I did all my classes on the mainland}.  We went to the University of Victoria campus for my convocation way back when, {literally, the only time I set foot on the campus during my 4 … [Read more...]


I will be away for a little bit due to a family emergency back home (Canada). I do hope you all have the very best Thanksgiving!  And have a lot of fun on Black Friday!!!!  So many sales, I'm kinda glad I won't having to decide which store to hit first ... and I'm sure my husband is too ... hehehe. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! xo Tara … [Read more...]