TOP Money Saving Goodwill Shopping Tips

If you follow my Instagram account, you will have seen pictures of my amazing Goodwill shopping finds!  Like, utterly amazing finds!

No joke.

How do I do it?

Let me share with you my

8 Top Goodwill Shopping Tips

TIPS to Goodwill ShoppingThe picture above … I would’ve paid $42 for all four pairs of women’s pants, but only paid $3.96!!!  Pink tags were all 99 cents!

Here are my TOP Goodwill shopping tips…

Tip 1:  Find your local Goodwill facebook page and like it!

They will share their 50% off Saturday events which usually take place twice a month

Tip 2:  Sign up for Goodwill’s Code Blue program.

You will receive a special birthday bonus and emails about secret sales for only Code Blue members.

Tip 3:  Vary your shopping times.

As you know, Goodwill is hit or miss.  Sometimes the Goodwill selection is hot first thing in the morning and sometimes it’s hot midday, other times it’s the evening that is amazing.

Tip 4:  Go during the week and seek the colored tags that are all 50%.

There are also tags that are 99 cents!  Usually it’s the previous week’s 50% off tags that go to .99 the following week.  So there is always a 99 cent tag and a 50% off tag during the week.

Tip 5:  Tagging on to Tip 4, go Monday morning to get the best picks of the 50% off and .99 tags

The sale tags change at the beginning of the week.  So, there will be an abundance of certain tags at the beginning of the week compared to the end of the week (pretty straight forward).

Tip 6:  Go Sunday afternoon or evening, or first thing Monday morning.

A lot of people drop off their items that didn’t sell at their Garage Sales on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.  Chances are you’ll find something amazing if you scope during those times.

Tip 7:  If you are a CODE BLUE member and shop during a 50% off sale,

You will get a 50% off coupon to use the following week for one item.

Tip 8:  There are ‘manager specials’ that are 50% off after 6 pm till close every day.

Corporate sends the stores daily manager special areas, such as ‘ladies pants’ or ‘furniture’ or ‘shoes’.  So, if you’re in a store after 6pm, ask an employee what the ‘manager specials’ are.

money saving tips at Goodwill

I use these tips every time I go to Goodwill and manage to save tons of money!

TOP tips to shopping at GoodwillShould’ve paid $25 for these 2 pieces of jewelry … nope … $1.98.

Why? Because Beige tags were 99 cents!!!!

There are amazing finds at Goodwill to be found!

I spotted this original painting and grabbed it.  All to find out, the artist has sold his work for hundreds of dollars!  I paid $5 for it on a 50% off Saturday.

TOP tips to shopping at Goodwill

Happy Goodwill shopping!

If you have other tips, please share them in the comments below!

We can all benefit from them!!


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