Top 5 Kids Sewing Books

I have a love for sewing, you may or may not have known this, but it’s very true.  My oldest has shown an interest in sewing for a couple of years and we have made a few things together in my sewing studio.  It’s kind of a win win for both of us, he gets to sew and I get to spend time with him soaking up our one to one time.

I’ve wondered how I could share kids sewing ideas with you as while my son and I are sewing and creating as I don’t take pictures.  It is time for us to bond and be creative, so I immerse myself in the time and not take photos that may annoy him and sever our time.  Hope you understand.

There are a handful of books that I have found that might peak your interest.  Whether you’re looking for a gift to go with your daughter’s first sewing machine or for a birthday or Christmas gift for your niece, these may work for you.

top 5 kids sewing booksI have separated each of the sewing books to make it easy for you with links for you to click over to read more about them to make your decision that’ll best fit the needs of the kiddo you’re buying for.

Top 5 Sewing Books for KidsSewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love To Make

Top 5 Sewing Books for KidsSewing School 2: Lessons in Machine Sewing

Top 5 Sewing Books for KidsA Kid’s Guide to Sewing: 16 Fune Projects You’ll Love to Make & Use

Top 5 Sewing Books for KidsWe Love to Sew: 28 Pretty Things to Make

Top 5 Sewing Books for KidsMy First Sewing Book: 35 Easy and Fun Projects for Children Aged 7 Years Old+

I hope this list will help you in your search for the perfect kids sewing book for the child you’re buying for.

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