How to Restore Wood

Does your house have wood doors, wood casings, wood cabinets? ¬†Ours does. Put that, animals, and kids that love rolling toys {and toys that don't roll, just dent} and you've got knicks and scratches all day long ... Look at this nastiness right here... Suggestion: Add this your DIY board on Pinterest! Would you sand and re-stain this wood door? Probably yessssss .... But you don't have to. Three words... WATCO REJUVENATING OIL Restore Wood Doors Easily You just have rub it on, wait 10 minutes and rub off. Watch what this lil metal can o' magic can do! Scratches are GONE!!! Wanna see more? RUST-OLEUM 66041 Watco Quart Rejuvenating Oil Check this out.... I seriously … [Read more...]