The Old Glory Antiques Fair – June 15-16

Come to a WONDERFUL OUTDOOR Denver Antique Fair showcasing over 70 antique dealers and artisans from the Colorado area!!! Will you be there?  I will be! My friend, Jo Packham from Where Women Create will be there!  I cannot wait to see her again!  Twice in one year! Here's a chair that a local made just for Jo to sit in while she's doing her book signings {the gal TOTALLY nailed it and captured Jo's personality and style}... {source} And Ki Nassauer, editor of Flea Market Style will be there as well signing books!  And here's her chair... {source} Please hop over to Old Glory Antiques  Fair's Tumblr page and take a look around at all the work they've put in to this event!  It's … [Read more...]

I’m Guest Posting….

... over at Where Women Create!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote about my experience at The Creative Connection Event last year and how it changed my business ... ... well, you can read all about it HERE. psst..... there might be a little giveaway as well ;) Please, Please, Please head over and take a look.   This is VERY exciting!  A dream come true really. I respect these women behind Where Women Create so much and am elated to be a part of their blog.   xo Tara     … [Read more...]

The work in progress ~ My studio

So my studio has been morphing slowly to where I'd really love it to be. There's nothing quite like having a place that's inspiring and comfortable to work in!  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the coolest artsy fartsy studio, you know, like the ones you see in the magazines like Where Women Create or Studios. One day maybe, hey, a gal can dream, right!!! I took some pictures of how it looked just a few short months ago and will share in a few posts as there is so much to look at .... LOL! Here's what  inside the walk in closet USED to look like ... It's a bit hard to take a good shot in such a small space. Here's a pulled back shot Not cluttered at all! And here's a view from outside! Aye … [Read more...]