Hyperwear Gift Card Giveaway

Hyperwear is spreading cheer and have given me a $50 Gift Card to giveaway to you!!! This is perfect timing as you may be setting your New Years' Resolution to get in the gym more or to lose some extra weight.  Hyperwear vests can help you burn more calories quicker by doing the exact same things you do, but by adding the extra weight. I am a huge supporter of Hyperwear and have been wearing their vest for almost a year now while working out or doing housework.  It sounds silly, sure, but I love the extra weight it provides to make my body work just that much harder. See my Hyperwear vest review by clicking on the highlighted link. Hyperwear has been featured on the Biggest Loser.  They … [Read more...]

Bodybuilding after having a baby

During my journey, I have really thought about how I've designed my path. How did I get to where I am? What did I do to get here? Where have I been? I'm a FIRM believer in the power of the written word. It's a form of 'putting it out there' to the universe.  Of course, writing my goals down within a reasonable and attainable range is ideal.  Although, I'm sure if I wrote down that I would like to own a Million Dollar Company, it just might happen. hmmm ... I think I have a task tonight ... ****** This is something that I wrote over 25 years ago. I was in the 5th grade and our assignment was to write a letter to a penpal from a foreign country.  Great project, right ... But before … [Read more...]