How to Make a Mosaic

How do you  mosaic a pot?  How do you mosaic a backsplash?  How do you tile a mosaic a "anything"? It's quite simple really!  Not that complicated, actually. Here's what you'll need: Tile or plates Board, MDF, a Pot, something to mosaic Tile Adhesive Grout Gloves Putty knife Sponges (2) Containers (3) Wire Adhesive How Make the Mosaic I like to start by arranging my broken tile in to somewhat of a picture, but, this is YOUR project.  So, feel free to NOT arrange the tiles in any pattern what-so-ever.  It's all part of the fun.  I set them out only to see if I have enough pieces for the flower petals, the  stem, and everything around it. Moving on.  You can either spread … [Read more...]


Hey all! So, I have NOT fallen off the edge of the earth! Life has just happened. Surgery, work, taxes, projects, kids, etc, etc, etc ... I am currently getting ready to do a couple 1 hour long video tutorials on a couple of FUN cute projects!! AND!!! You will see me in the Sew News magazine in the winter!!!  Yes, I'm sewing Christmas attire in April!!! My studio was just missing the Christmas music!!!  Ho Ho Ho!!! It's been nice to be back in the studio so soon after just having surgery. Check out my war wound!! Pretty sweet that an Orthopedic surgeon sewed this pretty little line, isn't it?! (No offense to orthopods, but it is an IMPRESSIVE closure!) Hmmm ... what else … [Read more...]

Tutorial Tuesday – Finger Nail Polish and Sewing!

A sewing tip for you! When you machine sew your buttons on to fabric, does the thread sometimes start to pull out? Then you lose your button and it could be a huge PAIN to reattach it, right? Well, I would love to share a little tip with you!!! CLEAR NAIL POLISH! We have 2 buttons here that I just machine sewed on {saves me a lot of time!} Here's the flipped side Grab your clear nail polish out of your cabinet {or fridge, where ever you store yours} And simply dab some on to the threads! Easy Peasy!  Lemon Squeezy! Do you have any other uses for Nail Polish? xo Tara … [Read more...]