DIY Tablecloth

Cute DIY Tablecloth idea tutorial

I wanted a nice table cloth for our annual neighborhood progressive party, but didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on 2 tablecloths {call me cheap or call me crafty}.  So, I fixed that with the help of Pinterest.  I saw this picture from Joann and thought I could totally do that. I didn’t [Read On]

Easy Christmas Applique Towels

Easy DIY Christmas sewing decoration tutorial

In keeping with the Christmas crafting, here’s an easy Christmas Applique Towel tutorial for you to make for gifts or for your own home. Christmas up your guest bath with these pretties! You’ll need: Hand towel and/or washcloth Fabric scraps RicRac or Fun Yarn Wonder Under or Heatbond Sewing machine Scissors Iron Non stick Pressing cloth [Read On]

Mod Podge Picture Transfer On To Canvas

Mod Podge Photo Transfer Tutorial on

Have you worked with Mod Podge before? It is limitless!!  They’ve come out with a new product that TRANSFERS your photos to various mediums such as canvas, fabric, wood, acrylic/plastic, and I’m sure much more.  I had the pleasure of working with it and one of my all time favorite pictures of Lil T Rex! [Read On]

Sewing Tutorial- Embellish Boring Clothing

Embellishing clothing

I think I’ve found my new little hobby {amongst all the others, right!} EMBELLISHING CLOTHING I have a simple tutorial for you today on how to embellish a plain hoodie. First, you chose what design you’d like to put on your hoodie or shirt.  Deciding this will assist you in knowing how many different fabrics [Read On]

Easy Christmas Stick Tree Craft for Kids

Christmas craft for kids using sticks and burlap

An Easy Christmas Craft for Kiddos We were recently cleaning up our yard {that time of year} and amongst the leaves were a whole bunch of twigs that had fallen from the trees.  I looked at them and thought we could make something out them.  Didn’t know what at the time, but now I do [Read On]

Tutorial Tuesday – Finger Nail Polish and Sewing!

sewing tips

A sewing tip for you! When you machine sew your buttons on to fabric, does the thread sometimes start to pull out? Then you lose your button and it could be a huge PAIN to reattach it, right? Well, I would love to share a little tip with you!!! CLEAR NAIL POLISH! We have 2 [Read On]

Tutorial Tuesday ~ How Often Do You Change Your Needle?

needle placement

Respect the needle! LOL! Source: via Pinterest Did you know there’s a suggestion on how many hours you use your sewing needle for?  Any guesses?  Read on… Here are a few pictures demonstrating the correct and incorrect way of needle placement. Correct {Notice how the top of the needle head is touching the round [Read On]

Tutorial Tuesday ~ Make an EASY and CUTE Paper Plate Sign

sign tutorial

A Cheap and EASY Craft Show Sign So, with pretty much anything in my life, I did my craft show booth on a budget.  This great opportunity just kind of presented itself suddenly and I needed a way to make it work without spending a lot of money.  I knew how I wanted it to [Read On]

Tutorial Tuesday ~ How to make a Terrarium


It all started with this .99 purchase at Goodwill {of course} It has sat and sat in my studio for a loooong time. Until. It occurred to me. A Terrarium!!!! I researched a bit online as to what kind of plants I should purchase, but was still a bit lost. The boys and I went [Read On]

Tutorial Tuesday – Bug Catcher

bug catcher

Okay, I saw this in a magazine, I think. It looked easy enough, so I thought I’d give it try…. Our boys are soooooooo in to catching bugs … and bees {yes, I said bees}. Our 5 year old comes in with a container with 5-6 bees swarming around …. and half of the flowers [Read On]

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