Up your Training with HyperWear

I am training for my second bodybuilding competition coming up in June. I know, crazy, right?  Like I have nothing else to do... I am certainly busy with life, but I feel the need and have the fire to do something for ME.  It's time to get my body back to being fit and firm.  I'm tired of not being this.  I have been going and going doing other important things and have put myself on the back burner.  Being a mom to the fullest, but now I want to make it even better. When we feel good about ourselves, life is better.  I'm not quite there just now.  So I'm going something about it. I'm making a change. My first bodybuilding competition was 5 years ago when my youngest was just 7 months … [Read more...]


Hey all! So, I have NOT fallen off the edge of the earth! Life has just happened. Surgery, work, taxes, projects, kids, etc, etc, etc ... I am currently getting ready to do a couple 1 hour long video tutorials on a couple of FUN cute projects!! AND!!! You will see me in the Sew News magazine in the winter!!!  Yes, I'm sewing Christmas attire in April!!! My studio was just missing the Christmas music!!!  Ho Ho Ho!!! It's been nice to be back in the studio so soon after just having surgery. Check out my war wound!! Pretty sweet that an Orthopedic surgeon sewed this pretty little line, isn't it?! (No offense to orthopods, but it is an IMPRESSIVE closure!) Hmmm ... what else … [Read more...]