The Creative Connection … is right around the corner


…. and they’re offering this FABULOUS GIVEAWAY Ummmmm, YES! As you know, if you have followed my blog for any time, I’m a huge supporter of this conference. Jo Packham and I last year at the Creative Connection I attended it last year and, boy, did I learn a LOT! It is what helped me [Read On]

Blogging Tips – What I Wished I Knew When I Started Blogging ~ Jessica from Allora Handmade!!!


I’m so excited today to have Jessica from Allora Handmade here! We first met last year at The Creative Connection and I’ve adored her ever since … I might be a bit partial to her ’cause she has two boys as well And she’s super cute and I love her style. photo credit Oh, and [Read On]

I’m Guest Posting….


… over at Where Women Create!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote about my experience at The Creative Connection Event last year and how it changed my business … … well, you can read all about it HERE. psst….. there might be a little giveaway as well Please, Please, Please head over and take a look.   This is [Read On]

Give Away WEEK! on

So, at the Creative Connection event in MN in Sept, I met Suzanne of bebehblog.  Such a sweet gal, I thought immediately when we met.  Well, she’s doing a give away WEEK on her blog this week.  There are some wonderful and creative items already on there from Monday and Tuesday.  Get on over there [Read On]

My first photo post …

Amy Butler and I at the Creative Connection event

So, this, my friends, is my first photo EVER to be loaded to my blog … I feel like I’ve come so far since last week!  The ‘geek’ in me has surfaced … watch out! I have loved Amy Butler fabric since the first time I set foot in a quilt shop, which was a [Read On]

It's Saturday ….

… and I’m still in my PJ’s with my boys crawling all over me as I type this entry .. they want to watch you tube vids. So, I have had a burst of creative energy these last couple of days.  I’ve been out of my studio for the last week as I’ve been doing [Read On]

facebook, twitter, blog … oh my!

Well, here I am world … ready to share my craft and my love of sewing to y’all!  I recently returned from The Creative Connection event in Minnesota (it was great to talk with the locals as it felt like I was at home … minus them saying ‘eh’).  I quickly learned that I had [Read On]

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