The Creative Connection … is right around the corner


.... and they're offering this FABULOUS GIVEAWAY Ummmmm, YES! As you know, if you have followed my blog for any time, I'm a huge supporter of this conference. Jo Packham and I last year at the Creative Connection I attended it last year and, boy, did I learn a LOT! It is what helped me get to where I am today. I started this blog because of it. I got on Twitter because of it. I met so many new friends because of it. I could go on and on.... In fact, I wrote a guest post on THEIR blog about my experience! Can you imagine if I won? I would probably faint. No, I would have a heart attack Please, send all the good thoughts this way, friends!!!! {Hey, Holly, you're coming with … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips ~ Jessica from Allora Handmade!!!

Amazing Blog Tips from top notch bloggers

I'm so excited today to have Jessica from Allora Handmade here! We first met last year at The Creative Connection and I've adored her ever since ... I might be a bit partial to her 'cause she has two boys as well ;) And she's super cute and I love her style. photo credit Oh, and not to mention her undeniable talent ... HELLO! photo credit I know you want to hear what she has to say about her blogging journey, so here are her words.... I must admit, I had to chuckle to myself when Tara asked me to share what I wish I knew when I first started blogging, because I still feel like I’m figuring it out! My first blog was all about my family life and my adventures as a new mom. I loved … [Read more...]

I’m Guest Posting….


... over at Where Women Create!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wrote about my experience at The Creative Connection Event last year and how it changed my business ... ... well, you can read all about it HERE. psst..... there might be a little giveaway as well ;) Please, Please, Please head over and take a look.   This is VERY exciting!  A dream come true really. I respect these women behind Where Women Create so much and am elated to be a part of their blog.   xo Tara     … [Read more...]

Give Away WEEK! on

So, at the Creative Connection event in MN in Sept, I met Suzanne of bebehblog.  Such a sweet gal, I thought immediately when we met.  Well, she's doing a give away WEEK on her blog this week.  There are some wonderful and creative items already on there from Monday and Tuesday.  Get on over there and enter to WIN!!!!! Did I mention, she's also very pregnant?  Due in December ... I'm not sure how she had the energy to put this together and to write such wonderful posts about those who gave their AMAZING items for her give away week. pssst .... mine is today on her blog   … [Read more...]

My first photo post …

Amy Butler and I at the Creative Connection event

So, this, my friends, is my first photo EVER to be loaded to my blog ... I feel like I've come so far since last week!  The 'geek' in me has surfaced ... watch out! I have loved Amy Butler fabric since the first time I set foot in a quilt shop, which was a long time ago.  I use her fabrics in just about every thing I make.  Her designs are amazing and the fabric is such great quality, I feel my customers deserve that (and like it too). … [Read more...]

It's Saturday ….

... and I'm still in my PJ's with my boys crawling all over me as I type this entry .. they want to watch you tube vids. So, I have had a burst of creative energy these last couple of days.  I've been out of my studio for the last week as I've been doing all things 'technical'.  So, last night, I went on up to my studio and started cutting new pieces.  It's amazing how when you are 'removed' from you craft for a little while, that the creative juices seem to flow right in and take over when you get back in to it.  At the Creative Connection, many panelists touched on just that.  So, with that being said ... I'm off to my studio in my PJ's to get sewing... … [Read more...]

facebook, twitter, blog … oh my!

Well, here I am world ... ready to share my craft and my love of sewing to y'all!  I recently returned from The Creative Connection event in Minnesota (it was great to talk with the locals as it felt like I was at home ... minus them saying 'eh').  I quickly learned that I had a LOT of homework to do upon my arrival home.  So, I already had a Facebook page for taradara ... and an Etsy store ... but, that was it. So here I am, creating my first blog post.  It really isn't that hard to create a blog, however, I get caught up in the design and how I want my page to look; it took me a while to decide the look, and now I have to also learn how to optimize everything else.  I haven't sat at my … [Read more...]