Recovering from Elbow Surgery

 Well, I have made it 4 days post op! Every day is easier and easier.  Hopefully tonight I'll be able to sleep through the night without getting any pain medication to hold me through. Check my arm out ... it looks like I have a prosthetic arm, doesn't it!!?? Back in the hospital last Thursday, the picture below is my initial blood pressure upon entering the preop area.  Clearly not my normal blood pressure ... it was 143/93!!  WHAT?  The whole time, I've been acting cool as a cucumber thinking that I'm all good and really in a solid mindful place going in to the surgery.  I really did think this blood pressure reading was bad, but then I got to the recovery room ... yeah ... it got … [Read more...]

I’m Having Surgery…

I usually don't post anything too personal on my blog. But, I'm feeling like I need some support from y'all. I'm about to FINALLY have surgery on my elbow in a couple of weeks.  All the lidocaine patches in the world can't take the pain away... Essentially, I have 'tennis elbow', lateral epicondylitis, that has not responded to 5 years of other treatment modalities and has progressed to where I cannot straighten my arm completely.  I cannot lift anything heavier than a 10lb dumbbell ... and after I do that, I pay for it with serious pain.  I cannot open my mascara nor can I open a jar of anything. So, not only am I in pain but I've lost muscle strength. I originally injured it 5 years … [Read more...]