Taradara Ranked 84th in the Nation – Leading Moms in Business!!!!!

MOMS Use discount code MOM12 to receive 15% off ANYTHING in the shop {taradara} {coupon good till Friday, May 11} That's right, I was ranked 84 in the Nation for the Top 200 Leading Moms in Business on StartupNation.com! A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO VOTED! I know some of you voted DAILY, so I thank you so so so very much!!!! This is like an early Mother's Day Gift!!! How exciting is this? There are at least 200 MOMS that are having a GREAT week because of this announcement! Well, let me tell ya!  Out of ALL the women who applied {upwards of 400, maybe 500? 600? ... I lost count at just over 400 at one point}, and over 350,000 votes ... TOTALLY EXCITING!!! So much is … [Read more...]

My Studio has New Light!

Pin It I have wanted to get rid of this UGLY UGLY ceiling fan light since we moved in.  I love ceiling fans but this one was an eye sore! I mean, come on ... it really has no business in being in this creative space, right! It will be replaced by this sorry looking piece ... But, don't be fooled!!!! BEHOLD!!!! My 3 men installed this LOVELY chandelier for me on Valentine's Day!  What a GREAT present! I cannot tell you how much I ABSOLUTELY.LOVE.IT!!!! Isn't she pretty? I LOVE walking by my studio and looking on this $20 GOODWILL thrift store find!  And I didn't even have to do a thing to it!  BONUS! It gives perfect light to my studio and I love being in there even … [Read more...]

Guess Who’s Coming to My Studio Tomorrow????

Kirk Montgomery from 9News!!! I'm a bit nervous. I'm a bit excited. Okay, okay .... I really nervous. and I'm totally, completely, unbelievably EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! We are going to talk about the upcoming Golden Globe Awards' and the Gift Bags that my {not yet released} iPhone Covers are a part of!!!  And more... I wonder what is going to happen after the awards and after the stars see our handmade pieces?  Time will tell. But for now, I'm going to tell the world about what TARADARA is up to.... Wish me luck! xo Tara Read about Kirk Montgomery here... he's quite the well rounded dude! Read about The Artisan Group who made this all happen here.... … [Read more...]

Studio Update ~ My New Cutting Table

This is yet another Goodwill find! Are you sick of them yet? Originally $8.99 But, it was 50%. So $4.50 for this bad boy! I've been looking for a high table on Craigslist for ages. Was about to settle for one of those farm tables and just add a few inches to the legs to give it some height. But when I saw this diamond in the rough just sitting there, I just had to have it! Not much in the rough But you know me. Take a bit of spray paint... And get this So much better! And now, it fits perfectly up in my studio! It's not too big. I thought I might want a larger table, but it's just right for the projects I'm doing at the moment. {here's the real life photo, nothing staged … [Read more...]

A lil’ tour of my studio

This might be a mistake by showing my 'studio' as it's kinda messy, but it is what it is and this is how I work.  It would be great to work in a put together completely organized setting ... however, it is organized chaos, my organized chaos and I know where everything is ... so that's all that matters, right? There's so much in that little corner: the lanyard I wore in the 2009 Breast Cancer 3-Day in Phoenix, the red haired doll that my Grandma had at her house for us to play with, a picture of me and my now husband when we first started dating (and when we were a bit thinner) ... so many great memories in that little corner! Evidence of work in progress!  Shhh, don't … [Read more...]