A year of short hair

Last year, I willingly and excitedly shaved my head bald to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research through a great organization called St Baldrick's.  It's a world wide organization that raises money and those raising money, in turn, shave their head at events all over the world.  They occur on various days at various venues (Irish Pubs are huge sponsors) and they take place in around St. Patricks Day. It is an experience that can change many lives in different ways.  It can change a child's life, a child's family's life, and the shavee's life.  For women shavees, it can perhaps mean something different than men shaving their heads.  For women, hair and their hairstyles often define them … [Read more...]

Childhood Cancer Research – St. Baldricks

Just over 5 months ago, I shaved my head for Childhood Cancer Research at the St. Baldricks Foundation event in Denver.  It was one of the most liberating moment that I have ever experienced. Shaving your head for a woman is a big deal.  It's not a secret that for some women, hair is a defining characteristic for them.  This used to be me as well.  I used to love my hair {I still do, but ...}, but I was just at a point in my life that it didn't matter.  Hair is just hair, it seriously grows back. I'll be honest and won't lie, it's a very slow process.  There are times where I wish my hair would just grow and be long, like right now.  But there is never a time that I regret shaving my … [Read more...]

Pictures of a Beautiful Bald Woman

Conceited?  Self Centered? Ego-centrical? Hardly... just owning that I am a beautiful bald woman ... I LOVED my hair, I twirled and played with my hair all day long.  I thought I'd miss it after shaving it off for St Baldricks day to raise money for childhood cancer research.  Truthfully, I don't miss it ... at all. When people ask if I'm sick, my answer is no and that I did it to support those who are.  When people ask if I miss my hair, my answer is no, it'll grow back.  When people ask what my boys think of it, my answer is that they have embraced it way better than I could've imagined. Here I am minutes before going on the stage to have my head shaved. I have not run a comb through … [Read more...]

Shaving my head

Yes, you read that right. St Baldricks Day is coming up. What is St Baldricks? Take a look... You can help. Donate ... or join our team and shave your head too! This is something that is very exciting for me.  We have a little 6 year old boy at my boys' school who is going his THIRD round with leukemia.  He will be getting a stem cell transplant in the very near future. This is my why. What's more is that for the last couple of years, my youngest boy and Jaiden played together in the playground as their older siblings went inside to school.  Matthew will hug Jaiden just walking by him.  It's really interesting to see the dynamic between 2 little boys that they probably are so … [Read more...]

What we did this weekend

photo credit We went to see Rango!  What a fun movie!!!  Rango, the lizard, is really cute and the owls are funny.  There were a couple of parts where I thought the boys probably shouldn't be watching {hence the PG rating}, there were only a few sentences/words that were a bit 'advanced' for a 3 and 5 year old. photo credit We also went to watch a St Baldricks event! Watching the men have their heads shaved, the celtic dancers, and of course the BAG PIPES!!!! Oh, how I LOVE LOVE LOVE bag pipes {we had them at our wedding ... on a CD ... LOL} There were jumpy tents and a fire truck was there ... what little boy isn't thrilled about fire trucks??!  Not many.   I also found a … [Read more...]