Shemar Moore on Ellen

It appears that my 'boyfriend', Shemar Moore {from Criminal Minds, if you're not aware ... you have been under a rock} will be on Ellen tomorrow! I think she should call me.... I am instantly brought back to this memory from earlier this year at the Golden Globes GBK Gifting Lounge I like his watch ... right after this picture was taken ... this picture was captured ... I may or may not have been on a cloud right here.... But, check him out taking his shirt off on the previews of Ellen ... I don't think he enjoyed it at all. I will divulge that he has soft lips ... just sayin.... Can't wait till tomorrow!!! … [Read more...]

Django Unchained, Shark Tank, The Newsroom, SNL: Meet Taradara

What does Django Unchained, Shark Tank, The Newsroom, and Saturday Night Live have in common? Their cast {and more} have all now held Taradara products AND they all are owners of Taradara products!! The whole Golden Globe Gifting Experience was amazing and a LOT of work.  However, it was certainly ALL worth every little bit of it. Took a look at why it is all worth it right here .... 2 of the Django Unchained cast members posed with a Taradara kindle cover Dennis Christopher from Django Unchained now actually is using this very kindle cover because he went home with it. Rex Linn poses with the same kindle cover as Dennis Christopher.  He is one tall dude {and I was in a pair of … [Read more...]