Django Unchained, Shark Tank, The Newsroom, SNL: Meet Taradara

What does Django Unchained, Shark Tank, The Newsroom, and Saturday Night Live have in common? Their cast {and more} have all now held Taradara products AND they all are owners of Taradara products!! The whole Golden Globe Gifting Experience was amazing and a LOT of work.  However, it was certainly ALL worth every little bit of it. Took a look at why it is all worth it right here .... 2 of the Django Unchained cast members posed with a Taradara kindle cover Dennis Christopher from Django Unchained now actually is using this very kindle cover because he went home with it. Rex Linn poses with the same kindle cover as Dennis Christopher.  He is one tall dude {and I was in a pair of … [Read more...]

Sewing Tutorials in Sew It All magazine

The day has finally come where I can say that "I'm published in a magazine"!  I wrote 2 sewing tutorials in Sew It All magazine ready to hit newsstands any day now.  What an exciting moment to open up a magazine and see your products and tutorial right there! They recently had me as a guest on Sew It All TV, the episode is 501, and I'm not sure it has come out yet.  PBS is the station is airs on, but in the meantime you can read about my day there in the Sew It All studio. Here's the Sew It All magazine cover {so you know what to look for}... The first sewing tutorial is my card holders ... I love how they titled it 'Card Shark'!!  Given that I was *this* close to going on Shark … [Read more...]

i4c Campaigns Denver – ‘Shark Tank’ for local businesses

What is this?  You might be asking yourself.  Say it out loud i4c I was very recently clued in to this wonderful contest that is happening right here in Denver.  I've apparently been living in a hole under a rock.  As you may know, I just went through the whole Shark Tank process and didn't get chosen, well, the i4c Campaign is a lot like Shark Tank where local businesses pitch their concept, brand, idea, product to a panel of 'sharks'.  The only difference is that there is an actual prize at the end and the 'sharks' are local business people who are on a judging panel.  {One of them might be the CEO of Otter Box!  YES!!!!!  I'm Loving it!!!} The finals are on Friday, July 13, 2012. … [Read more...]

Shark Tank Update

I got the word the other day that I will not be on Shark Tank for Season 4. {source} Am I upset about this?  No. I did not get a call back and they start shooting this week in to next week.  I went further than I ever expected I would in the process and I take great pride knowing where I started, the hard work I put forth, and where I've ended up.  Being on Shark Tank was the ultimate goal and I really wanted to go to the end, however, I at peace with the result. I have always lived with the belief that things happen for a reason and that there is a plan for us {I wrote about it here}.  So, even though Shark Tank did not work out, other exciting opportunities have arisen from the whole … [Read more...]

Inspiration for Shark Tank

I wouldn't say that I use Pinterest as an everyday inspiration back up. HOWEVER When I see QUOTES like these {source} {source} {source} Isn't it funny how this last one has similarities to The Shark Tank's logo: {source} {Are you exhausted over hearing about Shark Tank yet?} These words focus me. They make me zoom in on what I need to see.  They make me LOOK.   I am doing this. Shark Tank is just such a big event in my life.  If you had asked me in January if I would have thought I'd be right here right now, I would have certainly said no.  Not because I didn't think I could do it, I just never thought about it.  It just goes to show that life is truly a dance, you … [Read more...]

Shark Tank has consumed me

So, this past week and a half has been completely consumed by Shark Tank and the possibility of being on the show. I really cannot believe that I've actually gotten to this point!  I'm very proud of this accomplishment! I sat in this rickety ol' wicker chair on our front porch sipping hot tea and filling out my Shark Tank application.  But, it was so comforting and inspiring to stand up and look behind me and see this beautiful sunshine peak through the leaves. It wasn't gloomy, it wasn't cloudy, it was SUNSHINE-Y! It was like the most important homework assignment I've had to do in my life ... well, lately.  I don't know how parents, especially single parents go back to school and … [Read more...]

Shark Tank is in the House!

Yes, Shark Tank is in my house! {image source} I got the most exciting call yesterday from Shark Tank TV show's CASTING DISRECTOR!  Holy CRAP!!!! I about fell off my, well, you know where I'm heading with this. I seriously couldn't believe who I was talking with! They sent me the official application for the show and more ... and NOW the FUN starts!!! WOOT! We have to have everything together within the WEEK!  Yes, the WEEK!  Thank goodness I'm not working at my nursing job anymore, hey! {photo source} Do you know who they are?  Here are the fabulous 5 ... MARK CUBAN, DAYMOND JOHN, KEVIN O'LEARY, BARBARA CORCORAN, ROBERT HERJAVEC  Click here to learn more about them. So, not … [Read more...]