Easiest spray paint update ever – Make your bathroom elegant

Spray Paint is your friend!!! We buy the generic toilet bowl scrubber, the toilet plunger, the bathroom trash can.  Some can be very nice if you pay for it but for those on a budget, we buy the generic white plastic ones.  I love spray paint, it's no secret... I love the silver metallic one in the sickest way!!!  I would paint my house in it.  My boys are often threatened that they will be painted in it if they don't run fast enough. Wanted to share a before and after photo of the toilet bowl scrubber I just painted to give our bathroom a more elegant look.  It literally took a minute the first coat and then another minute to go around it again to make sure it had an even coat. Money … [Read more...]

Dining Room Chairs … get a makeover

Another DIY furniture makeover. I bought these country style chairs and the dining room table for $30 off of Craigslist {of course!} with a plan.  We didn't have enough furniture to fill our home as we moved from a smaller house to one that is double the size. I thought they were kind of ugly, but there was certainly potential there.  So, I took off the cushion, painted the chair, recovered the cushion, and put it all back together again.  It contrasts nicely with the DIY hutch makeover that I did with a black base with blue as the main color. The chairs {and the table, whenever it gets done} are painted black with a blue base. What do you think? First stage I just made a quick pass … [Read more...]

Don’t replace your ceiling fan – Paint it!

Save your money and paint the darn thing! Paint your ceiling fan! We moved in 5 years ago and I've wanted to change out my ceiling fans for new ones ever since we looked at it.  Every time I go to Lowes or Home Depot, I look at the fans.  I look the next time and the next.... Then I'd go home and think, I should paint mine.  Then I'd think of taking it down, taking it apart and painting it.  Then I'd cringe. Then I'd be at Lowes, I'd look at the ceiling fans again ... and, look at the price and think about taking the old one down and putting the new one up.  Then I think about painting them again. See, it's been a vicious cycle. Try being in my brain ... It's totally ADHD {no … [Read more...]

DIY: Stencil your Bathroom

Stencil Your Way to a Personalized Bathroom Stenciling is a handy homemade alternative to fancy wall stickers, it’s easy and cheap to do, and it’s a great DIY way to add some interest to your walls. Stenciling works especially well in bathrooms, where personality is sadly often lacking. Bathrooms are usually fully equipped with modern bathroom suites and shiny accessories, so they’re functional and they look good. But with a little time, effort and paint in your hair, you can personalize your bathing space until it really feels like it’s yours – and your kids will love helping, too! For a coordinated look, choose a set of two or three complementary shades and apply them in … [Read more...]

Pantry Update – Kitchen Makeover

As you may have read in my HGTV/World Market post, we are starting our Kitchen Makeover!  It all started with the flood that our ice maker so graciously made.  Our floors are going to get a new look {darker ... yum!} and so our cabinets and our lighting is going to all get redone as well.  I started in our pantry!  It's the smallest! It has been an eyesore for some time {like most things in our kitchen ... fluorescent light, ahem} and I really have wanted to paint it since we moved in.  So, I did. Here is the before photo ... embarrassing ... Plain white and boring... Evidence of placing cans on 'not-so-dry' paint {not from me} I gave those areas a good sand.  It didn't take it … [Read more...]

Finished the spindles!!!

Just wanted to pop in share some pics of the spindles that I recently knocked out! ...And a bit of my Canadian roots... before AFTER I.LOVE.IT A fresh coat of paint sure does make a difference, doesn't it!! Oh, and how about a pic of me representin' Canada style!!! {I think I'm singing Oh Canada here}   Okay, my fellow Americans... PEACE. Your turn is in 2 days.... :) xo Tara … [Read more...]

Kid’s shelving unit made fun!

Yet, another great find on Craigslist, a shelving unit for $10 that was bought to have a makeover ... this sucker is so heavy ... aka: made out of REAL wood ... real heavy wood. But it was beat up and I needed some shelves to store the kids' trucks, etc. So, it got painted with them in mind ... I just scuffed it up with some sand paper ... doesn't have to be pretty.  Wiped it down with a damp cloth to get most of the dust off it.  I didn't even prime this guy, I just started spraying!  Spray paint is my BFF when it comes to redo's, it goes on nice and even without any brush lines ... and it sticks! The molding was spray painted and then painted by hand to add the more funky accents. … [Read more...]