Blog Conference ~ SITS Girls know how to put on a show

Blogging   I'm going to start off by saying that if you are EVER thinking of attending or trying to decide on a blogging conference to help you along with your blog, Bloggy Bootcamp is the one you should invest in.  It's one day.  It's affordable.  It's jam packed with USEFUL information.  There is a ton of networking! The calibre of the speakers at the Denver Bloggy Bootcamp was second to none!  I truly mean this.  Check out this line up: Amy Bradley Hole from Be Better Jillian Tohber Leslie from Catch My Party Aimee Giese from Giese Media Danielle Liss from Kitten-a-Go-Go Fiona Bryan from Bantering Blonde Barb Likos from Chaotic Communications Kathy Bouska from Mama's Losin … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday ~ Etsy Shop

Oh, there's been a LOT new in the shop this week!!  I've been a busy busy gal!There's a Discount Code, did ya hear?!  BRACELET for 15% offgoes till tomorrow, then there's a little something starting on Sunday{see at the end of the post} ************** I announced a new product line on Wednesday Taradara's Funky Bracelets! I'm SEW excited to have these released to you!!!Here are a few:Buy it hereDon't let this one slip by, get it here   Here are a few other pretties listed during the week for your viewing pleasure...I brought the popular Card Holders back in to the shop as well!I had sold out and just made a bunch more! Great fabrics on this one!  Almost want to make one for … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday ~ Handmade Women’s Accessories

It's Friday!!!!!!! A start to a WONDERFUL weekend!! Let's see what's new in the shop, shall we? Do you like Olive? Olive green? For your Kindle? For the full tour of it, click here You might not be going on a trip, but your passport might need to keep warm {cheesy, I know} It's right here How about a wallet? I love these batik fabrics! Click here to see the back and the inside Oh, and how about one more.... We all know you secretly want an iPad. {or maybe you have one} How about slipping it in to this piece of lovely right here... Take a better look here Hope you have a GREAT weekend! What are you up to? xo Tara … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday – and an Announcement or two

Hi ya!!! HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!! IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's what's new in the shop... iPad Cover for you Peace, love, and recycle, dude!! {or dudette} Fun fabrics here folks!! Kindle Cover for you Whether you have a Kindle or a Nook this cover will keep it cozy! Check out more pics here Funky Passport Cover for you Going somewhere? You HAVE to go check this animal envy out! If not for yourself, for someone you know! Here is where you can see it!   I have TWO MAJOR announcements. 1 ~ I have tailored down my Big Cartel store and am primarily using ETSY for sales {hard to keep 2 stores going} This is the REALLY exciting news!!!! 2 ~ My blog is getting a facelift and will be revealed on … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday

I have 3 new items to share with you today! So excited to get these lovelies listed and available to the public!     First up.... This BEAUTY!!!   An EXPLOSION of color on this passport cover!!! Never lose this puppy in your purse! Check it out here. Second up..... Dr Seuss makes ANOTHER appearance on this kindle cover! I love reading One Fish, Two Fish to my boys {which makes me partial to this cover} Take a closer gander here. Third up...... Keep your fingers safe with this cool bicycle inspired Cup Cozy. Who says black and white is boring? Not me. Get it here. As always, you can visit my stores ETSY                    BIG CARTEL and check out what else is up for … [Read more...]

Tutorial Tuesday … make your own Kindle

Okay, so this is kind of a tutorial, but not a tutorial ... I know, doesn't make sense... As some of you know, I make Kindle covers {nook covers}. Well, I really like it when I can see a cover with something in it so I know that it'll fit and what it looks like. That's just me. But, I'm not in a place to be able to run out and buy a Kindle or a Nook right now, so.... I got this flier in the mail a bit ago. It was of the Kindle. Made out of postcard material.  Real size dimensions.  Same look. So, I cut around it and glued it to a piece of black foam core that I had laying around. And ... made my own Kindle! Yes, it's a bit rough around the edges {apparently I need a new blade on … [Read more...]

I know it's not Friday – Dr Seuss is good any day!

But I had to write a post about these awesome new pieces in my shop! I have a love for Dr Seuss.  Grew up having the stories read to me.  Now that I'm grown up, I read the stories to our boys ... and I think they love em just as much as I did. I have always loved the classic, "Oh, the Places You Will Go" ... it has extreme meaning to me {I'll blog about that another time} Well, I picked up some Dr Seuss fabric at a local quilt store a few weeks ago, not really knowing what I was going to do with it.   Got home, and it was totally clear what needed to be done with this fabulous colorful fabric! iPad covers and Kindle/Nook covers! Check em out..... Introducing the Dr Seuss iPad … [Read more...]