Etsy Shop Spotlight – Saniki Creations

etsy shop spotlight

Please welcome another fellow Artisan Group {and a fellow CANADIAN!!  Yay!} to taradara! Penny has some real intricate creations and some great advice as well!!! What do you make/sell?  I specialize in Chainmaille Jewelry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces/pendants, rings), chainmaille charms for accessories (cellphone/bag/zipper pulls), and chainmaille home decor (suncatchers/ wine charms/ornaments)  I do have a [Read On]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – So ME by Mollee V

etsy shop spotlight

I’m so delighted to share another fellow Artisan Group member, Mollee. She does not have an Etsy shop {you’ll read why below}, but she has some AMAZING advice and wonderful answers!!! What do you make/sell? I create handmade accessories-ranging from bracelets, necklaces, to even hair accessories! I recently this past year began my own t-shirt [Read On]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Hearts of Stone

Hearts of Stone

Pin It I’m proud to share Heart of Stone with you today.  They are a part of The Artisan Group with me and just gifted in the Oscar Swag Bags this past weekend!!! What do you sell on Etsy? I make and sell handmade gemstone jewelry that features heart carved semi-precious and natural stones. The [Read On]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Saressa Designs

Etsy shop spotlight

What do you make/sell on Etsy? I design wire wrapped gemstone jewelry using Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Filled, 14K Rose Gold Filled and Brass. Though I mainly focus on precious/semiprecious gemstones, I also incorporate some Swarovski Crystal and glass from time to time as well as a few unique or vintage pieces. Most of my [Read On]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Sari Blue


{discount code below} Sari Blue is one my fellow Golden Globe Gift Bag Contributors!!! What do you make/sell on Etsy? I am the designer and founder of SariBlue. The SariBlue Collection is made of gorgeous handcrafted Turkish glass beads. These beads come directly from artisans who have learned the craft of these historic beads through [Read On]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Charmed Design

etsy shop spotlight

What do you make/sell on Etsy? I create wrap bracelets using silk ribbon, satin cord, and leather. All of my designs use charms and stones that have symbolic meanings.  When did you start doing your craft? A little over two years ago, I unexpectedly became quite ill and in fact, came very close to dying.  Though [Read On]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Oakhill Designs


 Etsy Shop Spotlight Oakhill Designs    When did you start doing your craft? I actually started with mommy bracelets about 4 years ago and then switched to stamping about 2 years ago with my mom’s urging to make her a necklace! she has been the recipient of many designs! Who inspired you? I didn’t really [Read On]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Camilee Designs


Camilee Designs   Cami has some phenomenal jewelry in her Etsy store!!!  When did you start doing your craft? I started making jewelry in 2000.  I was living in downtown Portland, OR working as a telecommunications analyst for a big bank.  At the time I felt overwhelmed by job and I was looking for creative outlets.  I’ve always [Read On]

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