The New iPad 3

Well, the much anticipated wait is over {to pre order}, the date for the iPad 3 release is MARCH 16!!!! Expect long lines at your local Apple retail store, right!!! Oh, I think a LOT of people are going to be SO IN LOVE with this new technology! A 5MP Camera, You know what I love about Apple?   They are consistently out-doing themselves.  Constantly challenging themselves.  Amazing the world with their advances. But, I think they need to add these ...  To their list of iPad Accessories right here... If you'd like to add a funky taradara iPad cover to your iPad, iPad 2 or iPad 3 accessory list, simply click here to get yourself one!!! … [Read more...]

Other People's Wisdom and Skills – A New Series

During my travels with my temporary real job, I have been maximizing my driving time with listening to podcasts and webinars that will help me with several aspects of my handmade business.  There are times where I've been in the car for 6 hours during the day {no joke} and grew very tired of listening to the radio.  So, I turn on my iPad, put in my earphones, listen and learn ... oh, and drive. I recently got in to listening to podcasts and webinars since I got my iPad for Christmas {I love that it's so portable!!}.  What I've done is downloaded podcasts to the iPod {in my iPad} from iTunes.  There are a TON of FREE podcasts out there!!  Podcasts on so many different topics from 'how to … [Read more...]