New iPad and Kindle Covers

That's right, friends!  There are a bunch of new colorful iPad and Kindle covers going in to the shop over the course of the week. Here are a few photos to catch your eye ... iPad covers Kindle cover ... I love this one ... a lot!  If only I had a Kindle! Kindle cover for the gal who loves red, black and white! iPad cover ... I'm totally diggin the fabric on this one!! Please stop by and grab the one you love ... Christmas is coming you know. Yeah, the harsh reality that we're already thinking of that! xo Tara Be sure to follow taradara on Pinterest, too! … [Read more...]

The New iPad 3

Well, the much anticipated wait is over {to pre order}, the date for the iPad 3 release is MARCH 16!!!! Expect long lines at your local Apple retail store, right!!! Oh, I think a LOT of people are going to be SO IN LOVE with this new technology! A 5MP Camera, You know what I love about Apple?   They are consistently out-doing themselves.  Constantly challenging themselves.  Amazing the world with their advances. But, I think they need to add these ...  To their list of iPad Accessories right here... If you'd like to add a funky taradara iPad cover to your iPad, iPad 2 or iPad 3 accessory list, simply click here to get yourself one!!! … [Read more...]

Here’s our Story on FOX 31

Pin It As I mentioned in today's earlier post, FOX 31 came by to do an interview.  And here's the clip ... ROLL IT!   … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss!

Pin It I don't think I ever remember a time where Dr Seuss wasn't in my life.  I grew up having his stories read to me as a child.  My college professor read 'Oh, The Places You'll Go' to our class when we neared graduation. I bought 'Oh, The Places You'll Go' for my boyfriend {now my husband} while he was in college.  A pendent that reads 'Oh, The Places You'll Go' hangs around my neck daily.  I've read Dr Seuss books to our boys for years now, too.  I wrote a cute post last summer about 'Oh, The Places You'll Go', you should read it {here}. We love The Grinch, The Cat in the Hat, One Fish, Two Fish, Thing One and Thing Two ... we love it all!  How lucky are we to have such an … [Read more...]

iPad 3 Rumored to be Released Soon!

It's incredible that a year has almost gone by since the iPad 2 came on the market and there were lines of Apple enthusiasts anxiously awaiting the opening of the Apple Store's doors. That is all going to happen again with the soon to be release iPad 3. It's rumored to be on the shelves March or April 2012.  I have read in places that March 7th might be the day.  However, no official date has been released as of now. What's new with the iPad 3? I've read that it's going to follow the iPhone 4S' footsteps with an 8MP camera!  WOOT!  Higher pixelage {is that a word?} to produce better images on your screen.  Also, it's going to be a bit thicker than the iPad 2, about 1mm.  This is to … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday

What's new? Hope you had a GREAT Mother's Day last Sunday!  Did you get spoiled?  I did ... more on that later... So, I've got a few iPad covers and cool wallets that are new in the shop this week.... How about this pretty ... Do you love it and have to have it? You can, just click here Okay, how about this one?  A bit different than the one above... If this one is more your style Simply go here to snag it up for yourself {or someone you love} I'm digging the fabrics used in this iPad cover.  What do you think? I love the 'starbursts' in the muted grey!   Oh, and how about these chairs with random yellow birds perched? Click here to carry it away to protect your beloved iPad! Moving on … [Read more...]

Creative Estates ~ Handmade Market and Cupcakes!!!

As promised yesterday, I thought I'd share a bit on the handmade market and my table! Don't know if you know this or not, but this was my very first handmade market with my products!!!  Very exciting!! I have to give credit to my mom for 'dragging' me to craft fairs over the years when she was very involved in the crafty world.  So, she prepared me for this whether she knew it or not and I thank her so much for that!!! I also took Gussy's advice ... she told me to lay everything out at home as if I were at the market.  I was a bit apprehensive about how I was going to organize everything, etc.  So, she offered that little tidbit {totally obvious, I know, but I just didn't think to do it … [Read more...]