Going to the Golden Globes!!! Taradara’s first press interview!!!

Oh wow!  It's so amazing to see this, I had to share it with you!! I contacted The Journal back home in Canada about the exciting changes and happenings for my business, taradara.  They published the story in today's paper!! The best part is that I actually kept it a secret from my family and friends back home!!  {huge hurdle!!!  My excitement overcomes me at times}.  So, my mom got the paper and there I was!  Her girl in print! {photography by Farrah Jobling Photography} Oh, and ASS stands for Ashcroft Secondary School ... LOL!  {for real} So exciting!!!!  Looking forward to more!! xo Tara … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday ~ Etsy Shop

Oh, there's been a LOT new in the shop this week!!  I've been a busy busy gal!There's a Discount Code, did ya hear?!  BRACELET for 15% offgoes till tomorrow, then there's a little something starting on Sunday{see at the end of the post} ************** I announced a new product line on Wednesday Taradara's Funky Bracelets! I'm SEW excited to have these released to you!!!Here are a few:Buy it hereDon't let this one slip by, get it here   Here are a few other pretties listed during the week for your viewing pleasure...I brought the popular Card Holders back in to the shop as well!I had sold out and just made a bunch more! Great fabrics on this one!  Almost want to make one for … [Read more...]

Etsy Fabric Feature Friday

Way late in the day, yes! As you may know {from this previous post}, we've had a busy week! I'm so proud of our oldest!  He's officially in Kindergarten! So with that being said... I've only listed one item this week in the shop. A fabulous iPad Cover!!! Take a look... For a closer look, click here Have you tried clicking on my Etsy Mini up in the top right hand corner? Feel free to do so ANYTIME :)  LOL! Just a heads up I will be listing a TON of items this weekend!!! Please come on back and see what's new! {{there'll be some items that haven't been in for quite awhile!!}} … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday ~ Handmade Women’s Accessories

It's Friday!!!!!!! A start to a WONDERFUL weekend!! Let's see what's new in the shop, shall we? Do you like Olive? Olive green? For your Kindle? For the full tour of it, click here You might not be going on a trip, but your passport might need to keep warm {cheesy, I know} It's right here How about a wallet? I love these batik fabrics! Click here to see the back and the inside Oh, and how about one more.... We all know you secretly want an iPad. {or maybe you have one} How about slipping it in to this piece of lovely right here... Take a better look here Hope you have a GREAT weekend! What are you up to? xo Tara … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday – and an Announcement or two

Hi ya!!! HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!! IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's what's new in the shop... iPad Cover for you Peace, love, and recycle, dude!! {or dudette} Fun fabrics here folks!! Kindle Cover for you Whether you have a Kindle or a Nook this cover will keep it cozy! Check out more pics here Funky Passport Cover for you Going somewhere? You HAVE to go check this animal envy out! If not for yourself, for someone you know! Here is where you can see it!   I have TWO MAJOR announcements. 1 ~ I have tailored down my Big Cartel store and am primarily using ETSY for sales {hard to keep 2 stores going} This is the REALLY exciting news!!!! 2 ~ My blog is getting a facelift and will be revealed on … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday ~ Handmade Business

How has your week been?  Busy I bet!   Lots happening at this time of year, especially if you have school age children! Here are a few new additions to the shop.... Are you traveling this summer? Someone you know traveling? You can get it here! What a VIBRANT wallet! The red is a bit hard to capture at it's fullest in the photograph. It's more of a deep red with a hint of like a pink or a purple hue.  So pretty If you want to put YOUR money in it, snatch it up here. Ah, I LOVE this cover! {nuff said} Take a better look here. I hope you have a GREAT weekend! Please be sure to stop by the shops and browse to see what else is amongst this week's featured beauties. Etsy                Big … [Read more...]

Fabric Feature Friday! {and a Mother's Day Discount Code!}

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted one of these! My temporary full time job is slowing down to an end.  So, now, normalcy can start to set in and we can get back in to the FUN stuff!!! I'm so excited for MOTHER'S DAY!!!!  Are you? {pssst.... see coupon code for 20% off at end of post} Would you like to see what's new in the shop? OK. GORGEOUS iPad cover with polka dots!!! A Springtime Wallet .. GORG! Playful Dr Seuss iPad cover! These are all sooooooo fun! You can enter to win a $35 giveaway to my shops over at Swell/Swag Entry is open until 5-11-11 Click here to enter You can go to my Etsy store here to go take a look at what you'd like to spend your $35 that you're going to … [Read more...]