Easy Dessert Recipe – Delightful Whip! Yummay!

Easy Dessert Recipe - Add International Delight to your heavy whip cream and Voila!

I’m all for easy recipes.  This is one area where I wish I were better at like some of my friends, recipes.  We get in to a habit and have the same ol’ thing week after week.  UNTIL, an easy recipe is introduced to me!!  Behold!  Delight Whip, a super easy adjunct to any dessert [Read On]

Being LUCKY! How lucky am I??

jenny and I

There have been so many incidences where I have been lucky lately. However, there is one most recent incident that I was REALLY REALLY LUCKY!!! A few weeks ago, I attended the Goodwill Denver Swap and Shop Fashion Show.   They had Jay’s Valet there taking care of our vehicles. Well, I got my car after the event [Read On]

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