Pond Hockey

If you listen to the NHL players, their fondest memories of growing up playing hockey is playing pond hockey. We have 2 boys who play hockey and LOVE playing on the pond.  The wonderful thing about pond hockey is that there are no rules, no refs, no coaches ... just putting on the skates, grabbing a stick, and throwing a helmet on.  Chasing the puck end to end, side to side, having a few breaks to sip on some hot cocoa, and going back at it. My husband made some pond hockey goal nets and the boys painted them with the colors of their choice. These boys played pond hockey in the most authentic setting ... it was New Years Day, the snow was falling, and they played for over 3 hours … [Read more...]

Hockey Power Skating Drill with Jon MacWilliams

Jon MacWilliams has over 33 years in hockey development and experience. Jon is the Head On Ice Instructor for Dave Bolland Sports, with former Chicago Blackhawk, Dave Bolland.  He has played professionally in Europe, coached AAA and Junior A Hockey and had trained NHL/WHL/Junior Players including Dave Bolland, Sidney Crosby and Nathan McKinnon. Not only is he all of the above, he is a fellow Canadian as well!  Very excited to have him be a part of my son's hockey experience! … [Read more...]

Boys and Sports

I wanted to quickly share these cute hockey photos of my boy who has taken a HUGE love for the game.  My heart is warm when I watch my boys play hockey.  His team was 4th in their bracket and made a huge comeback to win the year end championship!!!  These strong boys in orange really played as a team in order to dominate.  When I hear them coming out of the locker room telling each other "Good game, you played so well!", I want to hug all of them! My oldest will play hockey any time, any place ... dry land or ice.  He is a devoted little player who truly has Canadian blood running through his veins.  I love it!!! We met Rex Brothers, a pitcher for the Colorado Rockies earlier this month … [Read more...]