Add PIZZAZZ to Your Boring Mom-i-form

My friends know that I LOVE to accessorize with fancy fabric flowers. I put them in my hair and on my outfits, it's kind of becoming my signature look.  I recently received some of the cutest Posy Clusters from Nest of Posies.  They dress up my mom-i-form quite nicely! I love how they have a few different colors to match more than one or two outfits. I wear black a lot for my mom-i-form, so it seems that they will work with pretty much every outfit on every day!  I've got this down! Oh, but wait!  Sometimes I wear this beautiful turquoise long sleeve top {actually, I have a few of them}. Plain Jane, yes, BUT, with Nest of Posies' Posy Cluster, it all of the sudden becomes dressed … [Read more...]

An Etsy Shipping Tip

I have had a lot of Etsy-ans requesting a critique of their shop and have obliged willingly.  I have noticed a wee little trend that needs to be fixed, or perhaps explained. Shipping costs. Shipping the item listed on it's own should be how much you would charge for ONLY that item and packaging.  Most people are right on point with this, however, some I have noticed are way overpriced.  I have a few suggestions to help you with this. Take the item and packaging to the post office and ask them how much it would cost to send it within your country and internationally. WRITE IT DOWN so you know.  If you have a post office near by, a majority of the larger ones have SELF SERVE stations … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Saniki Creations

Please welcome another fellow Artisan Group {and a fellow CANADIAN!!  Yay!} to taradara! Penny has some real intricate creations and some great advice as well!!! What do you make/sell?  I specialize in Chainmaille Jewelry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces/pendants, rings), chainmaille charms for accessories (cellphone/bag/zipper pulls), and chainmaille home decor (suncatchers/ wine charms/ornaments)  I do have a few one of a kind beaded jewelry items, but am phasing them out by mid year to concentrate on chainmailling. When did you start doing your craft?   Mid 2008 would be the beginning of my adventure. My daughters love jewelry, but being young (ages 8yrs, 5yrs, and a newborn) … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Miss Belle’s {+ a discount code!}

  When did you start doing your craft? I've been crafty my whole life, but professionally - about 3 years ago. Who inspired you? My crafty friends and illustration buddies from college. Where do you create?  What surroundings get your creative juices flowing? I recently moved into a townhouse with an extra room just for me and my crafts. I'm surrounded in felt, stuffing, and all the supplies I need to craft - as well as my two very curious kitties!   What is your favorite piece to create and why? I love making mustaches. I have no idea why. I suppose that I am fascinated with them, perhaps because I can't grow one myself. This may or may not be a healthy obsession. What's your … [Read more...]

Guess where I am Today….

Over at A.W.E Jewelry!!!! Read about the SUPER POWER I wished I had .... xo Tara … [Read more...]

Upcoming Craft Show – Save the Date!

Come and stop by the Grandview High School Craft Fair on December 3rd from 9am-3pm!! This is the only Christmas show that I'll be doing this year. It would be great to meet and chat with you!!! Please stop by and say hello! {farrah jobing photography} xo Tara … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Toaster 4 JC + Discount Code!

  When did you start doing your craft?   That's a tricky question.  I started crafting probably as young as 6 years old when I would help my mom with whatever projects she was working on at the time.  I officially started making things for my small business in May of 2011.   Who inspired you?  I would have to say my mom inspired me to begin crafting, my roommate, Sally, from college, inspired me to start sewing, my mother-in-love inspires me in photography, and there have been 4-5 people in particular in the blogging world that were very inspirational to me in starting up my shop!  They were all just so encouraging.  I was very hesitant to start up shop, but they gave me a push in the … [Read more...]