Guest Post: Lisa Jacobs of Marketing Creativity

I'm Lisa Jacobs of Marketing Creativity, and I'm a huge fan of Taradara's! I'm so excited to be here today, as I think Tara is one of the handmade community's greatest resources. I admire the work she does, and I love reading all about how she made it. I'm drawn to people who lead their lives from a place of passion and purpose, because I believe each of us has something extraordinary to offer. In fact, my motto is: Get Paid to Be You. I started my own handmade business in 2010; it's called the Energy Shop. I fell in love with my shop as a creative outlet: I could express myself and do something I enjoyed all at once. Consequently, I fell in love with Etsy and the handmade community. I … [Read more...]

Miss Me?

I feel like I haven't been here in so long!  It's only been 3 days. We took a little family trip up to the magnificent Mt Rushmore for a few days hence the lack of posts. I wanted to stop in quickly to point you over to 2 blogs that I was recently on.  Please go on over and visit them and take a look around, you'll be so happy you did!!! The first one is an interview by Marketing Creativity.  Lisa is an Etsy seller herself with a vast small business background and is an amazing resource for selling online.  If you have an online shop, she is one blog that you NEED to check out!  She also posted this interview on Craftgawker as well {you can heart it if you like!}.  This is a new … [Read more...]

You want to OWN your business?

I'm over at Flamingo Toes today!!! Talking a bit about OWNING your business. I give 4 tips on how to OWN your business and be PASSIONATE about it!!! xo Tara … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips – What I Wished I Knew When I Started Blogging Recap II

Happy Holidays! I hope you're all getting in to the holiday spirit and embracing that Christmas is just around the corner!  Whether we're ready for it or not, here it comes!!!  For the next few weeks, I'm going to be highlighting the Bloggers that have been so gracious to participate in this series.  It's such a busy time of year that a lot of us don't have much time to blog on our own blogs, let alone guest post.  So, I hope to refresh some memories and highlight some tips from the past few months ... Amy from The Idea Room "Balance is the key.  I love my readers, but ultimately it comes down to being there for and WITH your family.  I wish I had learned that lesson a bit earlier in … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Balls – YUMMY!

I got this recipe from one of the gals I worked with years ago when I was nursing in British Columbia. I make it every year {would make it more, but my girlish figure would explode} In saying that, this is such a great dessert dish ... way easy to make!!! Or just to have to bring out for guests when they pop over for a visit! Ingredients: 1 cup   Peanut Butter1 cup   Icing/Powdered Sugar2 tsp  Butter1 tsp   Vanilla1 cup   Rice Krispies1 bag   Coconut {you may not use it all}  Cream first 4 ingredients well and add Rice Krispies Roll into balls and refrigerate till firm Butter Icing 1 cup   Butter3-4 cups   Icing/Powdered Sugar1/4 cup   Milk1 tsp   Vanilla  Roll in thick … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips – What I Wished I Knew When I Started Blogging Recap

Today I wanted to revisit some of the past guest posts.  If you're new to my blog, you will find so many AMAZING contributors to this series.  When I started it, I had no idea the amount of knowledge that it would muster in one place! Here are some excerpts of some of the past posts: Becca from Blue Cricket Design was our FIRST guest blogger! Talk about starting off with a BOOM!  Here's an excerpt: "It’s ok to take a break! I’m not so good at this but I’m learning it’s important! Don’t force a post just becasue you need one. Take a day off! Just think…Quality over Quantity! You get back what you put into it! I find just as much joy, if not more, in promoting others as I do … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips – Daria from Mom in Management

Blogging Tips I'm so pleased to have Daria here today!!!  Not only is she a local blogger and I like her, she and I just fit!  It's like we have been friends forever.  She has some AH-MAZING tips for you today!!!  I've learned a lot and hope you will too... ************     I've always been interested in websites and using websites as a means of sharing family stories and photos. In fact, I took a website development class from a local community college 12 years ago just for fun. I was lucky enough to have my company pay for it and I didn't have kids, so often took classes that interested me. I did a few things with my new found web knowledge: Put together a web … [Read more...]