Since my hubby was doing it…


... I figured I could carry it on inside the house.  Where else, but the kids' playroom!  They BOTH just had their birthdays and Christmas is right around the corner, so the 3 of us went on down to their playroom to do some sorting.  I held up two similar toys and asked which one they wanted to keep and which one they wanted to donate, they chose and we went through most of their toys and got two garbage bags full of toys that we are going to donate.  We also got a bag of garbage as well (no picture taken of that). So, I usually just go to our local Goodwill store and drop it off, but this time I wanted to donate their toys to somewhere that the toys will go directly to children who … [Read more...]

Furniture Makeover – Craigslist $25 find


So, I know I'm mostly a {sewer/seamstress} to all of you, however, there are few other things that I can do ... like refinish furniture.  So, I thought I'd share some of the pieces I've finished in the last few months with you over a course of a few days... A personal goal I set for myself, well, for our home is to furnish the rest of it with Craigslist items or Goodwill purchases. We moved from a smaller home to a home over double it's size, so we have a few rooms to fill. Well, our 'formal dining room' needed some furniture to fill it, so I found this gem on Craigslist for $25!!!!!!!! You read right, TWENTY FIVE BIG ONES!!!  It even has a light in it ... THAT WORKS!!!!! I love how it … [Read more...]