The Sewing Loft’s first Simplicity Pattern!

Being a fiber artist and handmade business owner, I love seeing other talented seamstresses excel and do well. My friend, Heather of The Sewing Loft, has JUST released her FIRST sewing pattern with Simplicity!  Can you believe that?!  How amazing is this? I am so proud of her!! She is a wealth of information and her blog has a LOT of sewing advice for all sewing levels. It's a fun backpack pattern! She also has an Etsy shop where she sells pdf patterns for all sorts of FUN projects!  I really encourage you to take a look at what she has! I'm looking forward to making one of these cute backpacks for a special little girl, or a couple of very special little girls in my life.  I also … [Read more...]

Giveaway Winner!!

What a way to celebrate Christmas Eve!!!  We have a winner to the Life of Pi Giveaway!! Julie R!!! You are the lucky one!!! Congratulations!   We are so happy for you!!! … [Read more...]

Taradara $150 Giveaway!!!

As promised, I have a BIG Taradara Giveaway for you to have a chance to win! There's yet ANOTHER exciting GIVEAWAY on Monday AND on Tuesday as well!  So wonderful to be able to GIVE AMAZING ITEMS AWAY!!! Today's GIVEAWAY is just like the title reads ... $150 Giveaway to Taradara!!! You can choose what you want!  Perfect timing for Christmas! If you've wanted a Taradara for yourself ... GREAT! If you want to get a bunch of Stocking Stuffers ... PERFECT!! If you want to buy a couple of lovelies for your girlfriends and family ... AWESOME!!! Did you know that my products were in the 2012 GBK Productions swag bag for the 2012 Golden Globes?  YES, THE award show!   AND, Taradara … [Read more...]

Guilty Pleasure? I Might Have a Few + $20 Walgreens Giveaway

Guilty pleasures?  Sure I've got em.  One of them is looking through the pages of PEOPLE Magazine. {p.s. there's a giveaway here, people!} For a few reasons ... A celebrity might be showing off a Taradara product I love to look at the fancy schmancy dresses the ladies are wearing To see who's filming in BC {even though I'm not there} To take a lil break from our busy life And to see if I agree with who they've chosen to be in the running for PEOPLE Magazine's Annual Sexiest Man Alive See exhibit A: AAAANNDDDDD I have a giveaway for a $20 gift card to Walgreens!! ... where you can purchase something to fulfill your guilty pleasure ...  LOL! a Rafflecopter … [Read more...]

Our Backyard Oasis {potential} + $25 Sears gift card

It's summertime and we're spending a LOT of time out back!  We fell in love with our backyard and our deck instantly when we looked at our home. You can see why!  The previous owners really took care of it and made it nice for us {they were so kind!}. Sadly though, as much as I would love to make it prettier and MORE of an OASIS, time is a constant battle ... oh and the lack of my decorative mind.  Are you laughing?  You laughing at me?  Yes, I have multi colored patio furniture that I bought for $40 and spray painted {they are in need of a new home or a new coat}. Seriously.  Yes, I'm creative in the art department, but I seriously struggle with our backyard.  I mean really, take a … [Read more...]

Being LUCKY! How lucky am I??

There have been so many incidences where I have been lucky lately.However, there is one most recent incident that I was REALLY REALLY LUCKY!!!A few weeks ago, I attended the Goodwill Denver Swap and Shop Fashion Show.  They had Jay's Valet there taking care of our vehicles.Well, I got my car after the event and drove home.  The next night I was going to meet my friend, Jenny, from Monkey Toes and Sugar Loco, and I found a KEY in my drink holder.  I lifted it up and thought, "Someone's been in my car!!!".  I quickly figured it out and saw a Jay's Valet tag on it.  So, I called the emergency number, got a hold of someone.  They were SOOOOO HAPPY I called.  Well, it worked out to where one of … [Read more...]

Plaid Paint Giveaway

Plaid Paint Giveaway!!!! I'm so excited to present this giveaway to all of you!  Note that it's a short giveaway turn around {3 days}, so be sure to enter ASAP!!!!! This giveaway prize has a retail value of $40. The giveaway prize includes the following: 4 FolkArt holiday colors, 4 FolkArt Extreme Glitter holiday colors, Sparkle Mod Podge, and a Value Pack of 25 brushes!!!! AND ... they have a Crafty Christmas Contest you all can enter!!! Mandatory Entry: Tell us what your favorite craft to do is {1 entry} Follow Taradara Made It either by RSS  or email ... you can do this up in the top right corner {1 entry} Extra Entries: Follow taradaramadeit on twitter {1 entry} Follow … [Read more...]