Buffet Makeover with Spray Paint

Very easy DIY for your ugly buffet! Craigslist is a wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL place! I got this tired ol' wine cabinet/buffet for $15! I love it's detailing on the doors!  I HAD to have it!  The top opens and folds over for double the serving space.  LOVE THAT!!! BUT, it couldn't come in until it was made presentable {for our home}. So, it's been sitting in our garage for quite awhile as I tried to figure out how I wanted it to look after painting it. Well, the day came when I just said 'screw it', I'm just going to SPRAY PAINT it! ********* Here's what I did to it: I spray painted the edges and detail with black spray paint and let it dry. Then I went over it completely … [Read more...]

Baseboard Update #5

The Office is done! Not only the baseboards, but the WHOLE ROOM is painted! Yes, I'm a bit of an overachiever at times, but that's okay!  I figured that if all the furniture is pulled away from the walls, I might as well paint it all at once. The walls have been something I've always to change, but just never got around to it ... I had the paint all ready to go, just had to put it up on the walls.  Opportunity knocked and here you go!  No more faux finished green walls!!  YAY! I had forgotten to take a before shot, so I had to get creative and go in between the wall and furniture {Filthy!!!  apparently the maid has missed this area!!  humph ... moi!} Even though it's not the very same … [Read more...]

Baseboard Update #4

Ahhh, the Bathroom/Powder Room is complete! It wasn't as bad as anticipated. I forgot to take a Before shot, but let me tell you ... it looks a LOT better with WHITE baseboards than the wood. The walls just pop so much more!!! Please view my Baseboard Painting Schedule here … help keep me honest!!!! Okay, the OFFICE is next up!! hmmm... furniture to move = less of a motivator xo Tara … [Read more...]

Baseboards Update #2 ~ Kitchen DONE!!!

I'm cookin' with gas!!! The kitchen is complete!!! YAY!!! The Pantry BEFORE The Pantry AFTER{yes, I have a few touchups to do} Just another shot of the beautiful WHITE baseboards!!!! Hmmm.... What room am I on to next? The Laundry Room That shouldn't take long {we have a tiny one!} Check out my painting schedule here. It seems that it just MIGHT be complete BEFORE Christmas! xo Tara … [Read more...]

A Fort for the Boys

A few months ago, we received a play set for FREE from our neighbor as their daughter had outgrown it and they wanted to get rid of it.  I had been looking on Craigslist for a while, but wasn't ready to throw down $400-$800 for one.  Well, we were so thrilled and LUCKY to get this from our neighbor!!  We had to do some tuning up, of course, and had to purchase some parts ... but we were just so thankful to have this playset for our boys! Well, we put on a HUGE canopy made of solid wood.  My husband believes in making things very sturdy and didn't want to put just a 'tarp' that we'd have to just end up replacing in the future anyways. Well, it turns out, he's not a carpenter. The 'support' … [Read more...]

Painting Baseboards … A BIG job!

I don't know what I've done! Well, I do, but I've bit off a huge chunk.  A BIG JOB!!! So, I've decided to write it all out.  Give myself REALISTIC time goals to meet for each segment and we'll see how it goes. If all goes to plan, our home's baseboards should be complete by the BEGINNING OF FEBRUARY! 5 MONTHS!!!!  WHAT! Well, I did say realistic ... don't want to set myself up for failure, right! One of the challenges is trying to fit this job in to the day.  Fitting ONE more thing in to our day seems so daunting, but, it has to be done.  So, this is why I wrote out the schedule and why I'm sharing it with you! Accountability works wonderfully!!! Here's the schedule: MAIN … [Read more...]

Our Front Room Shelves Makeover ~ and some Goodwill Finds

A few weeks ago, I posted about painting these shelves Well, now they are all put back and have all the usual stuff put back on them You wanna see? Sure, come on in... The full view Left side I love these two turquoise-y blue pieces, don't you? For one, the colors and the shapes are amazing And two, you guessed, I got them from GOODWILL! ******** How about we hop over to the other side... Right side What do we have over here? If you notice on each, there are those great lime green storage boxes. Yep, Goodwill ... $3.00 for BOTH of them {1/2 off sale day} There are some photos and a bit of Raku Pottery I made a few years ago I love this piece. One thing to know about Raku is … [Read more...]