Painted jeans

Painted jeans make a statement!!! Why don't you paint your jeans and make them unique just like you?The girls from FIX THIS on 9 News Denver had me on to teach them how to paint jeans! Worth a watch to learn how to paint your jeans I've been on a cherry blossom painting kick lately. I bet you have a pair of jeans that you love but never wear for various reasons, why don't you paint them and make them amazing again!! My boys love to help me with the first step of splattering the paint.  This is a fun step!!! If you're reading this and am thinking to yourself that this might not be something you'd do yourself... For those who LOVE these painted jeans, but have no desire to … [Read more...]

Life of Pi Fashion + Giveaway!!

You read that right, I'm talking about Fashion, Life of Pi style, a GREAT Life of Pi Tunic and Ornament ... AND a chance to go to India thanks to World Market!!  Have you seen the movie yet?  I soooo want to see it! Life of Pi is the story of an Indian boy named Pi, a zookeeper’s son, who survives a disaster at sea and is thrown into an epic journey.  While adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, he forms an amazing and unexpected connection with another a fearsome Bengal tiger.  The movie opened in theaters November 21, 2012. I went to World Market to check out their Life of Pi section and got myself some jewelry and clothing to flaunt! Indian gold has always caught my eye, the … [Read more...]