It’s the Little Things

Olivari Olive Oil is celebrating the "Year of Little". It has made me think of the 'little things' in life that I have taken advantage of on a daily basis.  Do you ever stop to think of the little things that you pass up every day? I look at my boys and can think of so many little things about them that I'm grateful for and love about them.  But, I want to share something that goes back prior to kids ... "Pre United States Tara" We recently went to Canada to visit my family and friends for 2 weeks.  So, my "little things" thoughts are of how I used to live right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia before moving to the states.  I distinctly remember while working at a … [Read more...]

Hometown Visit

I have been having so much fun during our holiday to my hometown in British Columbia, Canada. I'd love to share some pictures of beautiful BC ... Our town is known especially for our GRAD SIGN display on the hill.  Every GRAD class from our highschool makes a metal sign, paints it, and hoists it up this huge hill to mount it. Grad '91 is my sign way up on the top left ... notice how it looks so good ... yeah, it wasn't exactly erected that year ... I think it went up about 5 years ago.  Better late than never, right?  We're such slackers! Isn't that cool?  I have always loved this hill, it's right at the end of the bridge that goes through town. Here is a view from the back of my old … [Read more...]

Our Back Patio – Win $25 Gift Card to Sears

In last month's post about my backyard oasis I took pictures of our back patio and yard and talked about how I loved it. We replaced our sliding glass door.  Some might think that that's not much of an oasis improvement, well, you're absolutely correct.  However, it was a home improvement project that NEEDED to be done desperately and couldn't be ignored {we have ice form on the INSIDE of our glass in the winter}. It went from this sad lookin shabby flappin' in the wind screen sliding glass door ... To this beautiful white, energy efficient, UV protectant, solid 'leave the ice on the OUTSIDE of the window' glass door ... It's now a lovely entry  to our beautiful back patio, a place … [Read more...]

Bodybuilding after having a baby

During my journey, I have really thought about how I've designed my path. How did I get to where I am? What did I do to get here? Where have I been? I'm a FIRM believer in the power of the written word. It's a form of 'putting it out there' to the universe.  Of course, writing my goals down within a reasonable and attainable range is ideal.  Although, I'm sure if I wrote down that I would like to own a Million Dollar Company, it just might happen. hmmm ... I think I have a task tonight ... ****** This is something that I wrote over 25 years ago. I was in the 5th grade and our assignment was to write a letter to a penpal from a foreign country.  Great project, right ... But before … [Read more...]

The boy is 6!

How did that happen? He was just born!!! Just look at that bundle of joy given to us 6 YEARS AGO!!!! Him at 6 days old ... rockin' the jaundice!  But lookin' oh so cool doin' it! We had so much fun traveling with you!!! Our first family photo with you.  Look at that face, we knew right then that you were a firecracker! .... and then watching you with your new baby brother when you were 2! You started out being to sweet with your younger brother And then, some how that all changed.... so quickly..... ********* You do the funniest things without even realizing you're doing them... *********** You were destined to be a fisherman You have the GREATEST hair! One of the cutest … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips – Amy from The Idea Room

As promised, another FABULOUS blogger here to share her insight to blogging in the beginning   Amy from The Idea Room has graciously taken time out from her FIVE children to write a little something for us {THANK YOU!!!!!!}  You need to go over to her blog, The Idea Room, and read about her and see ALL of the AMAZING ideas she has!!!!     The beautiful AMY!!!!! Amy and I met at the Creative Estates conference briefly.  All be it brief, I could tell that she is a sweet gal who has so much to offer {you'll see in just a moment}.  I cannot wait till our paths cross again. Here's what Amy has to say... I started blogging over at The Idea Room just over a couple of years … [Read more...]

My trip back home … a little picture tour {BC, Canada}

So, I promised back in December to post some pictures of my sights while I was home with my dad. He had open heart surgery in Victoria, BC {which is on Vancouver Island}.  There are a select few hospitals in BC that do heart surgery, so they find one that has a bed and fly you there {depending on where you are originally}.  It's a bit of a trek from where we our hometown is, but, big deal ... they took care of him and kept him on this earth. Victoria is where I actually graduated with my Nursing Degree {although I did all my classes on the mainland}.  We went to the University of Victoria campus for my convocation way back when, {literally, the only time I set foot on the campus during my 4 … [Read more...]