Burger Goodness with King’s Hawaiian buns

King's Hawaiian buns, bringing people together

I have always loved a good burger, all be them turkey burgers, none the less, I love the taste with all the fixins… I actually don’t mind grilling these ready-made turkey burger patties … I’m kind of simple like that! Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I’ll get a wild hair and actually [Read On]

Disney on Ice – Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice was so fun!!!! The best part … my Mom got to be with us!!! She has always wanted to go to a ‘Icecapades’ show, and now she has. {Cross it off the bucket list, Mom!} We got to see the whole gang of Toy Story 3!  They did a spectacular job!!! {can’t [Read On]

Scorpion Sucker …

scorpion sucker

If you ask me, it’s totally GROSS. But if you ask my 4 year old, he begs to differ… Ummm, yeah. Not me…. You’re dying to know where we got it?  My husband was away and thought it would be a great gift to bring me as a souvenir from Arizona. What a GREAT guy!! [Read On]

SPAM Brunch – and the Denver Broncos


Spam Yes, you read that right … we went to a Spam Brunch at our neighbors on Sunday. And to watch the Broncos kick some serious Kansas City bootie! Go Broncos!!! {who knew they made Spam Light!! … it’s half the fat!} We just love our neighbors to bits!  Mr Dave would always have an [Read On]



How about that Tebow?!!! We watched the game at our {wonderful} neighbor’s home and had a great time!!!  Thanks Gary and Vickie!!!! It was one of those games that had you thinking, “Poor Tebow”, but he pulled it off and the Broncos won 38-24 against the Raiders!!! GO TEBOW!!!! {iPhone pic} Have a great week!!!! [Read On]

Wii Party – And a Birthday Party, too!

wii party

We had a phenomenal opportunity to host a Wii party yesterday! We received the new Wii game, Wii Play: Motion with controllers to play with our friends. AND!!!!  It was the boys’ birthday party, so we combined to two and had a Wii Birthday Party!!! The kids had a GREAT time … and so did the [Read On]

Fun in the LEAVES!!!!!!!

playing in leaves

I love Fall! The beautiful foliage!  The brilliant colors of the leaves changing!  And…. Boys playing with the fallen leaves!!!! They even got to bury DAD!!!! “I’m okay!” ******** How are you enjoying the fall season? Are you able to still go out and play? Or has the cold or snow already arrived? xo Tara

Opening Night at the Circus!!!

The Greatest Show on Earth

Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth was FULLY CHARGED!!!!! Goodness where do I start? Media Tour We were so lucky to go behind the scenes before the show to visit the animals ‘backstage’ and have the opportunity to ask questions of one of the trainers and the veterinarian. Did you know?  Ringling [Read On]

A Fort for the Boys


A few months ago, we received a play set for FREE from our neighbor as their daughter had outgrown it and they wanted to get rid of it.  I had been looking on Craigslist for a while, but wasn’t ready to throw down $400-$800 for one.  Well, we were so thrilled and LUCKY to get [Read On]

The Magic Bullet ~ Making Smoothies with Kids

magic bullet

So, you might thinking to yourself “I haven’t seen that thing in years!” Well, neither have I. It’s been in my cupboard collecting dust. I.have.no.idea.why.I.haven’t.brought.it.out.sooner! The boys LOVED it! In fact, they loved it so much, we’ve had smoothies for the past 2 breakfasts! We had Bananas, Blueberries, Peaches, Grapes, Strawberries, Pineapples I know they [Read On]

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