Etsy Shop Spotlight – Ideology

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What do you make/sell on Etsy?  I sell handmade jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, using charms, gemstones, Czech glass beads, and other elements, in addition to a variety of metals featured in my designs.   When did you start doing your craft?  I first created jewelry when I was a child, but I started creating the style of jewelry featured in my shop in August of 2011 (although my shop actually first opened in October 2010, I didn't focus on it - with this style of jewelry - until this past summer).   Who/what inspires you?  My family and loved ones inspire me, and some of the motifs found in my jewelry are symbols of their favorite things. My love of … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Current Works of Glass

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 Please welcome Jennifer from Current Works of Glass!  She's from Canada, eh!!! And she makes beautiful glass jewelry! When did you start doing your craft? I started in the early nineties when my children were babies. It was a challenge as broken glass isn't a good mix with small children!  Who inspired you? My parents inspired me to follow my passion and to look deeply, not superficially in life. The Canadian author, Margaret Lawrence, inspired me to create my interpretation of my world through art. Where do you create?  What surroundings get your creative juices flowing? I am lucky enough to live on a small river that runs close to Ottawa, Canada's capital city. I am surrounded by … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Engelfelt Designs

Etsy Shop spotlight

What do you make/sell on Etsy?  I make felted soaps with needlefelted designs on them (kind of like fine art on a soap!)  I also knit and crochet original scarves, cowls, fingerless gloves, hats, and baby props.  I use repurposed wool garments to make such things as hot water bottle covers and sachets. And finally, I do some Nuno Felting as well. When did you start doing your craft?  I knit my first item (golf club covers) when I was 8.  I learned to crochet when I was about 10, and the felting came along later in life, though as a kid, I always thought it was cool that one of my Danish relatives owned a felt factory in the "old … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Elegantly Eclectic

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What do you make/sell on Etsy? I make hand beaded "more than coffee scoops", hand beaded antique silver serving pieces and tea cup bird feeders. I also make a line of hand beaded wedding cake sets that I hope to get up on Etsy soon. When did you start doing your craft? Early 2008. I had been laid off the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2007 and had to make Holiday gifts. They were a big hit and in January I approched a gallery I love and talk to them about carrying my products. They did and it grew from there. Who/what inspires you? I am really inspired by color and texture. I am also really inspired by the places I have traveled and look at those photos for continued inspiration. For … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Shaka Soap

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{psst... discount code at bottom!} What do you make/sell on Etsy? I make soaps, lotions, lip butters, sugar scrubs, and bath salts When did you start doing your craft? I recently started in August of this year. It seemed like a fun hobby , and I was right! It has taken over my home. I just fell in love with creating my own products! Who/what inspires you? I am constantly inspired by the beautiful scenery of Hawaii. There are so many shapes, textures, and aromas to draw creativity from. I feel very blessed that I live in such an amazing place. Where do you create? I create in my home. I have a space in the kitchen that is deemed "Jess's Area" and I always have something going on … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Anna Delores Photography

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Etsy Shop Spotlight Anna Delores Photography  What do you create/sell?   I am a photographer!  Most of what I sell in my Etsy shop are photography prints, but I also have calendars, notecards and postcards, as well as photo jewelry.  I also started offering gift certificates in time for the holidays.  : ) When did you start doing your craft?  I got my first camera (a purple plastic 110 film Kodak) before I was 10 years old and I’ve been obsessed ever since.  I was always the girl at parties, restaurants, family gatherings, and vacations taking photographs of EVERYTHING to the point where people would yell, “Emily, quit taking so many pictures!”  I’m glad I ignored their advice!  I … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Naturally Estes

Etsy Shop Spotlight - Naturally Estes

Etsy Shop Spotlight Naturally Estes When did you start doing your craft?  Well I have always been the "crafty" type, but last year I made an "Arkansas Razorbacks" wreath for my house and people loved it. People began to ask me if I sold them or had an online store; it really blew me away. So that holiday season I offered to custom make wreaths for people and I had a great response. Off and on for the next year people would ask for my handy work until finally my family talked me into opening an Etsy store. Who inspired you?  As far as crafting inspiration, wow, pretty much anywhere and anything. Sometimes I'll randomly see something and think I could turn that into something awesome. … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Liz Loves Vintage

Etsy Shop Spotlight

Etsy Shop Spotlight Liz Loves Vintage How many of you know that Etsy not only has handmade shops, but has VINTAGE shops as well? Well, if you love VINTAGE, you will enjoy today's Spotlight! I would first like to start off by thanking Tara for featuring: LizlovesVintage. It's not everyday that you get recognized for your creativity. Thanks a bunch! I started Collecting in the mid 80's. My Hubby and I moved from Westchester, NY to Upstate, NY. Going to Fleas and Yard Sales in my area was a past- time. Fleas, then became a Family out thing. Who can't resist a hot pretzel? That was my selling point. I can say now, my kids love the flea. Hot pretzel anyone? My best friend … [Read more...]

Shop Announcement

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Check out the picture below.... I'm packing up and going on the road.... {For just one day} But, I am closing my shop for the weekend as my entire stock is coming with me. Going to a Jazz Fest in Niwot, CO to sell my wares I'll do inventory and reopen on Monday. Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!! xo Tara … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Thumbprint Design

Etsy Shop Spotlight

Etsy Shop Spotlight Thumbprint Design What do you make and sell on Etsy?  I make original artwork for your home out of recycled pallets and wood that my husband and I find in trash heaps on the side of the road. I have been doing mostly custom work but I try to keep the shop full of pretty, cute, and fun signs that anyone would love to have! When did you start doing your craft?  I opened my shop in June of 2011 but I have always been making things. Who inspired you?  I am very inspired by my mom who actually passed away in May of 2010. She was always creative and never let anything stop her from making her dreams come true. She was always very driven and motivated. I think that is … [Read more...]