Etsy Shop Spotlight – Hearts of Stone

Pin It I'm proud to share Heart of Stone with you today.  They are a part of The Artisan Group with me and just gifted in the Oscar Swag Bags this past weekend!!! What do you sell on Etsy? I make and sell handmade gemstone jewelry that features heart carved semi-precious and natural stones. The line includes earrings, necklaces, coordinating necklace sets and solo heart chokers.   When did you start selling your craft? I started creating and selling full-time in November 2009, but began the process of learning how to make jewelry about 10 years ago. It was a hobby that grew! And I wanted to do something other than sewing all of the time (professional seamstress). Who/What … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Engelfelt Designs

What do you make/sell on Etsy?  I make felted soaps with needlefelted designs on them (kind of like fine art on a soap!)  I also knit and crochet original scarves, cowls, fingerless gloves, hats, and baby props.  I use repurposed wool garments to make such things as hot water bottle covers and sachets. And finally, I do some Nuno Felting as well. When did you start doing your craft?  I knit my first item (golf club covers) when I was 8.  I learned to crochet when I was about 10, and the felting came along later in life, though as a kid, I always thought it was cool that one of my Danish relatives owned a felt factory in the "old … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Elegantly Eclectic

What do you make/sell on Etsy? I make hand beaded "more than coffee scoops", hand beaded antique silver serving pieces and tea cup bird feeders. I also make a line of hand beaded wedding cake sets that I hope to get up on Etsy soon. When did you start doing your craft? Early 2008. I had been laid off the Monday after Thanksgiving in 2007 and had to make Holiday gifts. They were a big hit and in January I approched a gallery I love and talk to them about carrying my products. They did and it grew from there. Who/what inspires you? I am really inspired by color and texture. I am also really inspired by the places I have traveled and look at those photos for continued inspiration. For … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Hena Teyab Photography

What do you make/sell on Etsy? Architectural and Nature Photography When did you start doing your craft? About 3 years ago.. I had minored in photograph in college. and three years ago I was newly married, in a new country and wanted to not be stuck in a 9-5 job. I wanted  to be passionate about whatever I did and photography fitted my every need.   Who/what inspires you? Everything. The trees, the light of the sun sneaking out of the clouds on an overcast day, buildings old and new, the architecture. The details, the patterns, the repetition of things all around me and in far off places.  Where do you create?  The photograph is taken where ever I am travelling to … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Afton Dufoe Photography

What do you make/sell on Etsy? I'm a self-portrait photographer focusing on surrealism, and I sell small-format and custom-sized fine art prints of my work on Etsy. When did you start doing your craft? I began digital photography as a hobby in 2005 while on my first trip abroad. As soon as I got some free time to reflect on my interests toward the end of my college career, I excitedly signed up for an Etsy seller account on February 14, 2010. But I didn't formally establish my photography business until February 21, 2011. Who/what inspires you? Nature (particularly clouds and colors), childhood memories of books and films, and fantasy inspire my work. I combine all of these … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Little Lu4u

Etsy Shop Spotlight Little Lu4u What do you make and sell on Etsy?  I make cool cards and handmade gifts.  Rubber stamping with markers, watercolor and inks.  When did you start doing your craft?  I have always painted and made crafts but I really started rubber stamping, creating cards and 3D gifts in 2001. I enjoy creating the cards but when I gift a 3D item, it is more fun for the receiver.  Who inspired you?  My parents inspired me.  They are both crafty and always encouraged us kids to create something.  We made our gifts, Halloween costumes and piñatas. I loved it, it was fun. My Dad still drops everything and creates pirate swords for his granddaughters to have during the … [Read more...]

Etsy Shop Spotlight – Liz Loves Vintage

Etsy Shop Spotlight Liz Loves Vintage How many of you know that Etsy not only has handmade shops, but has VINTAGE shops as well? Well, if you love VINTAGE, you will enjoy today's Spotlight! I would first like to start off by thanking Tara for featuring: LizlovesVintage. It's not everyday that you get recognized for your creativity. Thanks a bunch! I started Collecting in the mid 80's. My Hubby and I moved from Westchester, NY to Upstate, NY. Going to Fleas and Yard Sales in my area was a past- time. Fleas, then became a Family out thing. Who can't resist a hot pretzel? That was my selling point. I can say now, my kids love the flea. Hot pretzel anyone? My best friend … [Read more...]