Scooby Doo, I Miss You

We had to put our ol' Scoob dog down before Christmas. Nothing 'pinpointedly' wrong with him, he was just old and starting to show many signs of being just that, old. I fought so hard to see all the reasons to keep him and not to have to make the decision to put The Scoob down.  However, it was inevitable that it was time to make the appointment.  It was the hardest decision to make because it was me doing it.  Not him.  Me. I cried for 2 weeks before as I knew it was going to be the end soon.  So, I'd cry thinking that it would be the 'last time he'd do this or that', last time I'd take him for a walk, last time he'd eat out of his dish, last … [Read more...]

Our last night with the Scoob

Our last night with Scooby. We had to put our first pet/child down today.  Here's a little video of my husband and him.  So sweet.... I miss him already. RIP Scoobert aka Scooby, The Scoob, Scoobers, Twinkle-toes, Pooper-do … [Read more...]