DIY Pillow Case Tutorial

DIY Pillow Case Tutorial

I’m going to share a fun and quick DIY Pillow Case Tutorial using my favorite tool, the Circular Rotary Cutting tool.  This puppy is so handy to have if you cut a lot of circles!!  It cuts perfect circles and can handle multiple layers easily!  No more sitting there with your scissors trying to cut [Read On]

10 More things NOT to do when you Paint

10 more things not to when you paint.  Great tips, be sure to check out her other tips!

  Here are 10 more things to NOT do when you paint 1. Use a cheap roller {do this and you’ll be picking out lint and crap from your freshly painted walls … just buy a quality roller} 2.  Use cheap paint {it’ll be worth the extra 10 bucks as you’ll have to pay more [Read On]

5 Reasons to Hire an Electrician

5 reasons to hire an electrician

You know me as a DIY gal, however electricity is one DIY trick I stay away from.  I have changed the odd light fixture in the past with the thought in the back of my mind that it might catch the house on fire … my own paranoia. Five reasons to hire an electrician: 1- [Read On]

Privacy needed now!!

Separate you master bathroom from your master bedroom for under $50!

There is no door between our master bedroom and master bathroom.  I didn’t have a problem with this years ago, however, my boys are getting older. What is the issue, you ask? Well, Mommy needs some privacy!!! They like to come in to my room and watch TV in the morning before school starts which [Read On]

How to Paint your Fireplace

Paint your fireplace, update it in 30 minutes

Updating your fireplace can seem like a daunting task! But it really isn’t hard at all!  Trust me! You need: Tape High heat spray paint Newspaper or plastic Drop cloth Vinegar Fine sandpaper To Start: You can take your glass doors off if you wish and take it outside OR you can tape the glass [Read On]

DIY Tablecloth

Cute DIY Tablecloth idea tutorial

I wanted a nice table cloth for our annual neighborhood progressive party, but didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on 2 tablecloths {call me cheap or call me crafty}.  So, I fixed that with the help of Pinterest.  I saw this picture from Joann and thought I could totally do that. I didn’t [Read On]

Christmas Card Display Ideas

DIY Christmas Card Displays

I love receiving Christmas cards. CONFESSION:  I am so guilty of not sending them, and am always surprised that friends still consider us to send wonderful cards during the holidays.  I love all the amazing ideas that my fellow creative blogger friends have come up with for various displays. Here are ideas that you can [Read On]

DIY with Tin Foil

POS cars need recognition too

Okay, I just had to share … Don’t you just love the ingenuity of this??!! Tin foil. Just another use for tin foil!! Who knew!! I’m sure I’ll find a car like this in my driveway in the future. Either one of my boys’ car or their buddies. *smacks forehead*

DIY Room Makeover – Broncos Room

Check out what this mom did for her son! The story behind the 'Broncos' is so sweet!

I have been wanting to paint my 7 year old boy’s room since we moved in. His walls were white for too long! I asked him what color he’d like his room.  His response has been, “I would like a Bronco Room”, since the first time I asked him. And that’s what he finally got!!! [Read On]

Life of a DIYer

Broncos room for kids. Easy to paint!

Lots going on in this household lately! Lots in the way of DIY, plaster, paint, kitchens, and bedrooms! Yes, I’ve been a busy ADHD bee! {I’ve never been diagnosed as ADHD, self diagnosing here}. I might just be one of those people that needs one of those HGTV shows to come in and finish projects [Read On]

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