Queen of Caulk

Caulking Tips

Holy Caulk ... ing!!! We recently had our roof replaced with a beautiful asphalt shingle.  We HAD the cedar wood shake covering our roof (hullo, fire hazard), but no more.  We HAD the original 20 year old skylights from when the home was built.  I decided to have the skylights replaces while the roof was being redone.  Smart, right? The old ones were weathered and hazy and needed to be changed out.  I went to my nearby home improvement store and bought 2 new skylights with the flashing kits.  It was a bit of a challenge as our skylights are not standard and we had to have them ordered specific to the size.  I'll tell you that it is hard to measure accurately from the inside and even the … [Read more...]

Be Bold With Color

Be Bold with Color

I am a bit out of my comfort zone here.  Most of you know me to be very colorful and bright with my sewing projects and products.  When it comes to wall color of my home, color is a challenge for me.  I am about to be very bold with color.  I'm pretty neutral generally when it comes to paint colors in my home. Not this time! This room has been white for over 5 years!  5 YEARS!  Why?  Because I haven't been able to decide what color to paint it.  It's the front room.  The first room you see when you walk into the house.  It has been a catch all room, never truly having an identity or purpose. See this amazing piece artwork?  It's one of the biggest inspirations to the 'change' Here's a … [Read more...]

DIY Pillow Case Tutorial

DIY Pillow Case Tutorial

I’m going to share a fun and quick DIY Pillow Case Tutorial using my favorite tool, the Circular Rotary Cutting tool.  This puppy is so handy to have if you cut a lot of circles!!  It cuts perfect circles and can handle multiple layers easily!  No more sitting there with your scissors trying to cut the perfect circle shape!! We’re going to make a creative applique of colorful flowers and will utilize the free motion stitch on the sewing machine!! Ready? You'll need: Circular Rotary Cutting Tool Rotary Cutting Tool Long ruler Various fabric scraps for circles and leaves Sewing machine Free Motion machine foot Colorful thread (or white) Fabric rectangles for main pillow case (38" … [Read more...]

10 More things NOT to do when you Paint

10 more things not to when you paint.  Great tips, be sure to check out her other tips!

  Here are 10 more things to NOT do when you paint 1. Use a cheap roller {do this and you'll be picking out lint and crap from your freshly painted walls ... just buy a quality roller} 2.  Use cheap paint {it'll be worth the extra 10 bucks as you'll have to pay more when you have to purchase ANOTHER can of paint to cover what the first can didn't cover} 3.  Paint over unprimed patches {it'll look dull period} 4.  Let your wife paint {yeah, whatever ... I do ALL the painting} 5.  Overbrushing {it'll look rough when it dries, trust me} 6.  Put the paint can on the top of the ladder {it WILL fall, just sayin} 7.  Let your paint freeze in the garage {unless you … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Hire an Electrician

5 reasons to hire an electrician

You know me as a DIY gal, however electricity is one DIY trick I stay away from.  I have changed the odd light fixture in the past with the thought in the back of my mind that it might catch the house on fire ... my own paranoia. Five reasons to hire an electrician: 1-  You don't want an electrical fire. 2- You have a job bigger than you're willing to DIY. 3- You want to switch your switches out to dimmers. 4- You bought a new house and it needs upgrades or you simply want a change. 5-  Your lights have been flickering and you don't feel safe.  Oh, there's a 6th reason ... Electricians have amazing 'belts' ;) Check out my hunky electrician's BIG 'belt'... We have hired my … [Read more...]

Privacy needed now!!

Separate you master bathroom from your master bedroom for under $50!

There is no door between our master bedroom and master bathroom.  I didn't have a problem with this years ago, however, my boys are getting older. What is the issue, you ask? Well, Mommy needs some privacy!!! They like to come in to my room and watch TV in the morning before school starts which is when I'm getting ready for the day {ie Showering}.  As you can see the shower is in viewing pleasure for all to see from the bedroom. Rather than hire a contractor or attempt to install a door separating the master bed and bath, I took the liberty of installing a curtain. A simple curtain. I didn't sew it.  Although, I must admit, I looked and looked at fabric.  You know me, I looked at a … [Read more...]

How to Paint your Fireplace

Paint your fireplace, update it in 30 minutes

Updating your fireplace can seem like a daunting task! But it really isn’t hard at all!  Trust me! You need: TapeHigh heat spray paintNewspaper or plasticDrop clothVinegarFine sandpaper To Start: You can take your glass doors off if you wish and take it outside OR you can tape the glass off and apply plastic or newspaper to protect the glass from over spray. I left mine on and started by scuffing up the brass with fine 220 grit sandpaper.  It doesn't have to be a perfect sanding job, just make sure it's scuffed up enough for the paint to stick. Then I used vinegar to clean it all off and I also heard it's a good product to use to prep and clean when painting metal ... It's time … [Read more...]

DIY Tablecloth

Cute DIY Tablecloth idea tutorial

I wanted a nice table cloth for our annual neighborhood progressive party, but didn't want to spend a bunch of money on 2 tablecloths {call me cheap or call me crafty}.  So, I fixed that with the help of Pinterest.  I saw this picture from Joann and thought I could totally do that. I didn't want to worry about chargers and setting a beautiful table scape for 14 people ... I'm kind of a low maintenance no nonsense kind of host ... LOL!  Lame to some, easy going to others. So, I went to the store and bought 7 yards of beige cotton fabric that was on sale and some Tulip puffy paint.  Budg-et, people!!! I used the plate I was going to use as a template, you could use a cardboard cut out if … [Read more...]

Christmas Card Display Ideas

DIY Christmas Card Displays

I love receiving Christmas cards. CONFESSION:  I am so guilty of not sending them, and am always surprised that friends still consider us to send wonderful cards during the holidays.  I love all the amazing ideas that my fellow creative blogger friends have come up with for various displays. Here are ideas that you can totally make yourself ... Sweet C's Designs made a Vintage Ski Christmas Card Display The Thinking Closet has this DIY Pallet Christmas Card Display C.R.A.F.T has an easy DIY Card Tree she shows how to make Crafts n' Coffee made this Clothesline Bulletin Board to display Christmas Cards The Country Chic Cottage has this great 'under $5' Vintage Ladder Card … [Read more...]

DIY with Tin Foil

POS cars need recognition too

Okay, I just had to share ... Don't you just love the ingenuity of this??!! Tin foil. Just another use for tin foil!! Who knew!! I'm sure I'll find a car like this in my driveway in the future. Either one of my boys' car or their buddies. *smacks forehead* … [Read more...]