Easy Dessert Recipe – Delightful Whip! Yummay!

I'm all for easy recipes.  This is one area where I wish I were better at like some of my friends, recipes.  We get in to a habit and have the same ol' thing week after week.  UNTIL, an easy recipe is introduced to me!!  Behold!  Delight Whip, a super easy adjunct to any dessert that requires whip cream.  A new dish for my family and friends! This recipe calls for {are you ready for this??} 2 ingredients!!! {I know, I can hardly stand it} Heavy Whipping Cream - 1 Cup International Delight coffee creamer {any flavor} - 1/2 Cup Mix on high with an electric mixer until you've reached the consistency that is spreadable.  Be sure not to over beat. So, okay, I'm a bit busted here … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Balls – YUMMY!

I got this recipe from one of the gals I worked with years ago when I was nursing in British Columbia. I make it every year {would make it more, but my girlish figure would explode} In saying that, this is such a great dessert dish ... way easy to make!!! Or just to have to bring out for guests when they pop over for a visit! Ingredients: 1 cup   Peanut Butter1 cup   Icing/Powdered Sugar2 tsp  Butter1 tsp   Vanilla1 cup   Rice Krispies1 bag   Coconut {you may not use it all}  Cream first 4 ingredients well and add Rice Krispies Roll into balls and refrigerate till firm Butter Icing 1 cup   Butter3-4 cups   Icing/Powdered Sugar1/4 cup   Milk1 tsp   Vanilla  Roll in thick … [Read more...]