Buffet Makeover with Spray Paint

buffet makeover

Very easy DIY for your ugly buffet! Craigslist is a wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL place! I got this tired ol’ wine cabinet/buffet for $15! I love it’s detailing on the doors!  I HAD to have it!  The top opens and folds over for double the serving space.  LOVE THAT!!! BUT, it couldn’t come in until it [Read On]

Getting Ready for a Craft Show

spray paint

What a busy couple of weeks. I was recently asked to attend the Jazz on 2nd Festival in Niwot to sell my wares.  Not planning on selling at any shows during the summer, I wasn’t, let’s say, prepared. So, I’ve been a bit busy trying to get everything ready and together making sure I have [Read On]

Tutorial Tuesday: Mod Podge and Maps … and a dresser!

Mod Podge a dresser with maps.  It's so easy and makes a big impact!

So our youngest is getting the age to where he can dress himself.   The Problem:  The dresser he has is hard to open and close the drawers {even for me sometimes}. The Solution:  Buy dresser off of Craigslist for $20 and paint it just for him. So, I’m sure you’ve been dying to learn [Read On]

What we did this weekend

photo credit We went to see Rango!  What a fun movie!!!  Rango, the lizard, is really cute and the owls are funny.  There were a couple of parts where I thought the boys probably shouldn’t be watching {hence the PG rating}, there were only a few sentences/words that were a bit ‘advanced’ for a 3 [Read On]

Yet another Craigslist find!!!

A little while ago, I posted my retro chair make over that I got for $5 off of Craigslist.  I mentioned that I also got some folk art prints from the same lady who was moving. I got them for $5 each! They aren’t my normal taste in art, but I thought they were funky [Read On]

Craigslist, and why I shop it

I was just checking around Craigslist {in the free catagory, that’s where I always go first} and this beauty was right there! FREE!!!! Oh, I might just have to take a trip tomorrow … not, it’s snowing too much just wanted to share to show ‘you never know’ what’s out there until you look! Man, [Read On]

Side table makeover

This puppy was FREE!  Yup, F.R.E.E!!!!  I got it and another piece off of Craigslist for free!  It does not get better than that! The lady didn’t want to take it to the dump and pay to get rid of it, so I was all too happy to take the pieces off her hands! So, [Read On]

Furniture Makeover – Craigslist $25 find

So, I know I’m mostly a {sewer/seamstress} to all of you, however, there are few other things that I can do … like refinish furniture.  So, I thought I’d share some of the pieces I’ve finished in the last few months with you over a course of a few days… A personal goal I set [Read On]

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