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Pumpkin Patches, Corn Mazes, Oh My!

We went to  Flat Acres Farms in Parker, CO to enjoy some Fall Festivities like the corn maze, pumpkin patch, and the hay ride.  BUT, we got a lot more than what we thought we would when we arrived! Of course we took our annual corn maze photos ... for what it's worth.  Lovely having cooperative children, isn't it... There was a petting zoo, a couple of jump houses for the kids, a duck race... We REALLY enjoyed the Pumpkin Shoot!  They have these great 'potato guns' that shoot tennis balls!  Pumpkin cut outs are the targets!  SOOOOOO FUN! There are 3 corn mazes at this farm!  One is the regular family friendly corn maze.  Then there are 2 'haunted' corn mazes.  Okay, this is cool ... … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Patch in Parker, CO: Flat Acres Farm

Have you been to the pumpkin patch yet?  If not, you might want to consider Flat Acres Farms in Parker, CO. There is a HUGE corn maze that is friendly for the WHOLE family daily til 6pm. Then there's "Ears of Fear"  Parker's Haunted Corn Maze Oct. 5th - Oct. 28th, 2012 The Pumpkin Patch is one spot that we'll making a definite stop at! The Flat Acres Farm Pumpkin Patch is open 7 days a week from Sept.22nd thru Nov. 4th from 10:00am to 6:00PM. You can get more information at the Flat Acres Farms' website here. … [Read more...]

Bill Cosby has Completed Me – Success 2012 Seminar

All my life since I was a little girl, I've wanted to meet Bill Cosby.  I watched him as Dr Huxtable on The Cosby Show for as long as it ran.  I've adored this man for years!!!  Last Saturday, Bill Cosby was a keynote speaker at the Success 2012 Seminar in Denver. "GET UP!" My heart beating fast, my face flushing, my finger ready to shoot as many pictures of this man as I could!  He entered the stage and spoke.  My dream came true.  No, I did not actually 'meet' him, but I got to see Bill Cosby from the FRONT ROW {thanks to Jay Mills of Jay's Valet}! Bill Cosby kept looking at me {I think he loved me, too!}, and when he did, my camera went *click,click,click* and again and again. I … [Read more...]

Aurora Colorado Theater Shootings

I woke up this morning to a facebook wall post from one of my closest friends from highschool and a missed call on my cell phone from my father in law.  We got a call from my husband's work making sure him and his family are safe. WHAT? HUH? I'm wondering, what is going on?  What did I miss?  Turn on the TV. {source: Aurora Gateway Highschool Facebook Page} 12 people dead, 50 injured at a local Aurora Movie Theater, a Theater Shooting?  Umm .... a little too close to home.  Thankfully, we don't frequent that area much, and moreover, we aren't diehard Batman fans {no offense, I'm only saying I'm thankful we aren't}. Our hearts are so heavy for the families that are going through the … [Read more...]

The Old Glory Antiques Fair – June 15-16

Come to a WONDERFUL OUTDOOR Denver Antique Fair showcasing over 70 antique dealers and artisans from the Colorado area!!! Will you be there?  I will be! My friend, Jo Packham from Where Women Create will be there!  I cannot wait to see her again!  Twice in one year! Here's a chair that a local made just for Jo to sit in while she's doing her book signings {the gal TOTALLY nailed it and captured Jo's personality and style}... {source} And Ki Nassauer, editor of Flea Market Style will be there as well signing books!  And here's her chair... {source} Please hop over to Old Glory Antiques  Fair's Tumblr page and take a look around at all the work they've put in to this event!  It's … [Read more...]

My Colorado Travels

Wow, this has been fun sharing where I've been during my work week {they are coming to an end shortly ... boo}.  My Colorado travels have been so fun to photograph and explore. I was in the city last week and have some great shots to share with you via my iPhone 4S and Instagram {love this app!} Let's get started... I was stuck in traffic, and was kind of glad to be able to stop long enough to capture this great shot of downtown Denver! I was struck with a neck strain on Wednesday ... boy, did it bite!!!  Made driving a bit challenging, but we got through it. I stumbled upon this little diner, Gunther Toody's.  The salad was delicious.  And the bathroom was fun, too {how many … [Read more...]